Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. denny, 10signatures, drama. Story not. 10 Signatures to Bargain with God (FB COMPILATION COPY — PROLOGUE TO ‘HaveYouSeenThisGirL Book Collection List of published books by HYSTG. Read story 10 Signatures to bargain with God. by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Ate Dennysaur *u*) with reads. god, 10sig.

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Still remember this book made me cry.

At a time like this, people are usually in their houses eating dinner or doing their assigned works, or maybe others are having a party. I will die but I’m not dying, mom.

They’re also a part of my life. It has only limited pages but every page bu like a big rock was pounding my heart. Jun 10, Nel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 31, Mnemosyne rated it really liked it. That’s why sometimes it worries me that her haveyouseentbisgirl about my illness may cause a problem with her pregnancy.

He knows when is the right time to pick us from this playground and to take us back home. You just disappeared one day and we didnt have any news about you after! I cried when you did not show yourself anymore!

You are my second parents, thank you second moms and dads. Yes, we’ve been together for that long. She actually find my idea amazing and creepy at the same time. You absolutely can’t judge the age, it’s just My mom is always crying since she knew about my sickness and due date.


The truth hurts but the lies are worse. You are too young Yes, I went here on my own, I rode the train. Lots of things changed, my favorite bench isn’t there anymore. Stop using unfathomable phrases! I wonder if this person still remembers me Fortunately the cake was placed in the small table before we fell so it was safe from being ruined.

I was stuck in the hospital and did not have any chance to see them anymore, I did not allow visits since I dont want anyone to know about this monster inside me. I love you my dear classmates, I swear if I’d be given another chance I won’t escape from the cleaner’s schedule anymore.

He died from ulcer and grandma misses him a lot.

The buildings got painted. This book has a lesson to be learned. I run my fingers to my hair and watch my feet sway back and forth, “I’ll be asking for your signature, grandma.

10 Signatures to Bargain With God

A smile that brings all hope in my heart. Everything in this school is everything to me. Since her house is nearer than mine, I am the one to accompany her to her house and walk back home alone. Since when did our school have a statue there? I lived half of my life here. I take another sip on my already cold tea and place my head to grandma’s shoulder as she still continues to pat my head, sometimes brushing my hair that makes me feel so sleepy.

I still have 11 years to go, I can do this. I missed you guys, instead of telling you something about me why don’t you guys narrate something to me about those days?


He even said it abruptly. I turn my head to that direction and from the moon’s reflection, I see her standing near a tree with a troubled face while she is holding her phone. I hated it and now, I want it all back. If you bow down your head to superficial things, you sure are missing out half of the world. This story was so great I bawled like a new-born. Her flaws made her imperfectly perfect. Before dying, I want to pray to God and thank Him for everything. I’m sorry for being selfish and leaving you all alone.

What are you planning, baby? I just turned 19 last February. I like the concept of the signature and the ending. I want the old routine back.

Nov 23, Kristine rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I have finished writing the last name, I raise the paper and look at it for a minute and I let off a determined and hopeful smile. A story that will make you cry.


I take a look to the contract, folded it and put it back inside my jean’s pocket. I face my boyfriend and whisper to his ear, “Baby, help me escape on the night of the reunion party. I am a abrgain romantic, you know that guys. We’re all abnormal in our way of thinking. I’ll surely miss those times that I panic everytime there’s a surprise quiz.