Chevrolet Impala Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual. View and Download Chevrolet Impala owner’s manual online. Operation Use the remote keyless entry transmitter to open or lock your vehicle’s doors or. Owners Manual. Chevrolet Impala Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Chevrolet Impala Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). Chevrolet.

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Towing Your Vehicle Consult your dealer or a professional manuall service if you need to have your disabled vehicle towed. Page A warning chime will sound if the parking brake is set, the ignition is on ownesr the shift lever is not in PARK P. Your parking lamps must be on for this feature to work. This feature allows the content theft system trunk lock sensor to be disabled or enabled.

The impapa is located on the thermostat bypass tube. This is in good condition. Secure the child in the child restraint when and as the instructions say.

Storage Compartments Glove Box Use the key to lock and unlock the glove box. Do not allow people to ride in any area of your vehicle that is not equipped with seats and safety belts.

Move the seat forward or rearward by sliding the control to the front or the rear.

Improperly tightened wheel nuts can lead to brake pulsation and rotor damage. When driving on hilly, winding roads. After an air bag inflates, it quickly deflates, so quickly that some people may not even realize the air bag inflated. Page 36 In many crashes severe enough to inflate an air bag, windshields are broken by vehicle deformation. The sound may come and go or be heard all the time your vehicle is moving except when you are pushing on the brake pedal firmly.


Chevrolet Impala Repair Manuals

To tighten the belt, feed the shoulder belt back into the retractor while you push down on the child restraint. Turn the knob clockwise to move the sound to the right speakers and counterclockwise to move the sound to the left speakers. If you use an improper coolant mixture, your engine could overheat and be badly damaged. These numbers on an oil container ownerrs its viscosity, or thickness.

Weight of the Trailer Tongue The tongue load A of any trailer is an important weight to measure because it affects the total or gross weight of your vehicle. If the right or left arrow is held or pressed more than once, the player will continue moving forward or backward through the tape.

Repair Manuals & Literature for Chevrolet Impala for sale | eBay

For any bulb changing procedure not listed in this section, contact your dealer. If a situation occurs where you change your oil prior to a being turned on, reset the system. Here we have a very nice used original owners manual.

This feature allows you to return all feature customization settings back to their original factory 200. Some people drive in spurts heavy acceleration followed by heavy braking rather than keeping pace with traffic. If you see anything that might keep a safety belt system from doing its job, have it repaired. It will appear for 60 seconds. The feature is activated when the headlamps are on due to the automatic headlamp control feature described previously in this section, and when the ignition is turned off.


Page When you are tuned to an RDS station, the station name will appear on the display, instead of the frequency.

Chevrolet Impala Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

CD Adapter Kits It is possible to use a portable CD player adapter kit with your cassette tape player after activating the bypass feature on your tape player. How To Check How to Check Because this ikpala can be a little difficult, you may choose to have this done at the dealership service department.

Section 8 Owenrs Assistance Information Here you will find out how to contact Chevrolet if you need assistance. Page Avoid needless heavy braking. Please email any questions before bidding. Turn the old bulb counterclockwise and remove it from the retaining ring by gently pulling it away from the headlamp.