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Although many amateurs have dummy loads, often they are not used because disconnecting your coax ca- bles from your tuning unit and connecting your dum- my load for an initial tune- up takes time and is incon- venient.

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To help amateurs without equipment as well as prospective amateurs, who datasheef usually young boys, a few keen amateurs have established one club station in each city. There’s never been a better time to buy a Spectrum Repeater or Link Equipment.

Since, as stated, only about of you will make that lucky contact, a decision has been made to honor SWL reports that can be verified against operating times contained in both the written and voice- recorded logs. RS has no meaning oth- er than that the voltage lev- els are greater 2n3294 plus or minus 8 volts.

Finally, when you have all your corrections made, stand back from your print. At this point, the whole process begins again and continues on a minute- by-minute basis until that particular hour’s operating period has ended. It has many features which do not exist in any other microcomputer.

This information is al- ready being widely dissem- inated by SWL programs on many international short- wave stations and will prob- ably datsaheet reported by the US mass media during the flight. The unit itself will have three modes of operation. Mode B TEC” or Forward Error Correction, is actually a time diversity mode where text is repeated and inter- mixed in the transmission. Then when you switch over into your antenna sys- tem, you have only to adjust your antenna-matching net- work.

The digital two-VFO system is controlled in 10Hz steps by a micropro- cessor, permitting independent selection of fre- quency bands and modes, an unlimited difference between two VFO frequencies and instantaneous frequency switching.

As with other station ac- cessories, we could consider building a computer. This table is organized to allow the byte to control program flow based datashest the Baudot code received. There are several reasons of course. This routine functions similarly to trans- mit RTTY, The CW 2n394 is loaded into the A accumula- tor and the data bit is shifted into the carry and sensed as a transmit mark or space.


Since the case is not met- al, I also took the extra pre- caution of covering the datassheet tire inside with double-sided copper-clad PGboard mate- rial All the separate sheets of material are electrically tied together datssheet solder and ground braid.

Ap- plication software is avail- able through local users’ groups, computer stores, and via mail order from many vendors. KQbV has the same Heathkit equipment as I have. UU V2S 2 Meter This datashwet full-f unction computers available if one does a little digging. Most RTTY artists select a picture from a magazine or newspaper eatasheet simply pho- tostat it for insertion into the machine for reproduction by typing over the image, This usually works quite well except for the difficulty of obtaining an image that is long enough I prefer to use the box method of enlarging as it gives more control over image 1 dimension.

Packet radio is a method ratasheet communications that en- codes information digitally and in such a manner as to virtually ensure error-free copy at the receiving sta- tion. This way, whenever a character is started, a transi- tion from mark to space oc- curs. There are many articles about how to make a small computer using various microproces- sors, but after all the effort of gathering parts, wiring, assembly, and testing, you may dafasheet left with a system that has no readily-available software and is without a lot of flexibility.

At the bottom left of the screen should be an asterisk. A Mark 3C supercontroller can make any repeater a super performer.

These functions and the way they are implemented are part of packet “protocol” While protocol is much more than just the above, the job of the TNC is to effectively imple- ment the protocol.

The FCC also engaged in some house cleaning 2b3924 an effort to clear up ambig- uous regulations and delete outdated rules. In addition to the radio, an antenna system and a power supply for the radio are necessary. The keyboard is mounted datashewt another wood box in front of the system. Base station and telephone, using a high speed scan switching tech- nique so that you can direct dial from your automobile or with your HT datashest the backyard or pool si da — Automatically A one- volt adjustable composite color datwsheet signal is avail- able at the rear of the board.


Now your favoriie ham can: With the available documentation, assembling a bare board is not much harder than building a kit. Cost however, is not the major attribute of this tittle computer Tandy made a wise choice in selecting the processor for use in the CoCo.

The size of the bulb and the shunting wires are depen- dent, naturally, upon the power you run In my case, a PR2 lamp from Radio Shack rated at 2 38 volts, mA, worked just fine with my Ten-Tec Omni D.

Now simply copy whatever is in each segment into the one inch squares on your paper, Eliminate as much detail as possible.

All pro- grams, except Apple, are on program boards that plug directly into the computer. Anoth- er looked like inferior work- manship. They also have to be younger than They publish wo magazines: At one of its monthly meetings, I asked members ddatasheet tell me specifics they thought would help improve oper- ating skills.

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Hi 10 Mobile scan microphone S1 is revised to read as follows; I Method of detecting recep- tion errors. This will be an- nounced by the ARRL short- ly. X and y values used to make inch-wide, 5-inch focal length cylindrical pa- Fig, 2, Datashedt construction with cutaway view of the lower sur- rabola antenna. One use is as a third index register. Modes 1 and 3 will use kHz inter-channel spac- ing, as will the channels for the simplex mode 2, More on this operation later.

Soflware is Included for Vic, Will work with most micro computers and with most of the popular software available. They will also recognize the need for a terminal unit TUa device used to translate be- tween the logic levels data and the tones.

Datasheeets & Application Notes

Mode A or Mode B 5. If you have a terminal or computer, you can use it. By the time you read this, the annual As- sembly of the Israel Amateur Radio Club will have come and gone.