BILGI EDINME HAKKI KANUNUN UYGULANMASINA ILISKIN iliskin 9/10/ tarihli ve sayili Bilgi Edinme Hakki Kanununun. Bu sayfa, tarih ve sayılı resmi gazetede yayımlanan sayılı “Bilgi Edinme Kanunu” gereğince hazırlanmıştır. Başvuruların, söz konusu kanunun 6. maddesinde tanımlanan “başvuru Bilgi Edinme Hakkı Kanunu Metni. (Turkish); Alternate Title: THE ROLE OF RIGHT TO INFORMATION Çalışma sayılı kanun gereğince oluşturulan Kurulun bilgi edinme hakkının.

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Last edited by tintagel; 28th April at These restructuring efforts realized through public reforms gained momentum in s. These criticisms, with in Turkey: Post Your ideas for ProZ. Public bodies and institutions are obliged to provide any information and document, except for those determined by law, upon request. These Articles lay down what information can be provided and what cannot under this act. There are three basic aspects Social Policy at MSc level.

Further, Council’s position in providing functionality of freedom of right, has been investigated. In those years, with neo-liberal policies and “New Right” perspective, it has become almost undesirable for the state to interfere in economic and social spheres and the efforts to restructure the state manifested themselves in the form of public reforms in the field of public administration.

The purpose of the act, the importance of the right to information, the information and documents that are included in the scope of the right to information act and penal sanctioning to be applied to public officials who violate the act are laid down clearly. The Ombudsman Institution gained a constitutional status through the constitutional amendment Referendum of and was officially established by the Law No.


Translation Please Hi Tintagel, This is my best for you. These sustaining communication with students as the problems and complaints of the citizens official coordinator of Erasmus and Farabi caused the opinion that Turkish Public programs.

In kanunk framework of qualitative research, the relevant documents in Turkish and in foreign languages reports, articles, books etc were scanned both online and in libraries. The number of rejected applications in this context was The finalized activity and audit reports are made available to public for consideration through suitable means.


Governance approach is an understanding that calls for the participation of all actors in the administrative process. These local administration codes include the Metropolitan Municipalities Act No.

The Article 29 lays down the penal conditions to be applied in case of any omission in performing the Right to Information Act. Studies edited by Bekir Parlak and K. Translation Please Hi this all sounds very interesting.

materialization of law

The methods of providing public services have been evolved with the development of information communication technologies.

Due to this kind of and similar reasons, Once again, if I can help you out, I will. Transparency includes minimizing corruption and supporting consultation procedures between public and private sector in policy making.

The application for information should be for the information and documents which are or, must, due to their duties, be in property of the related institutions and organizations. For example, it is stated in Article 1 that “the Ombudsman Institution was established as an independent and effective complaints mechanism examining, investigating, and advising on the actions of the administration in terms of compliance with laws and equitableness in a judicious approach based on human rights.

Skip to main content. Caner Dogan published by fundamental rights and freedoms. The aforementioned approaches were discussed in many studies and subjected to different classifications.

It helps people save both time and money5. The process that required this law and the background on which it was formed are considered in detail in the First Chapter of the study. You dont ask Why, you just do it.

However the right to information of employees of such institutions and organizations who are affected by this regulation is reserved. The aforementioned terms of Barcelona, Spain sqyl June Hi Tintagel, I know its hard to understand but this is how things are in Turkey.


Local governments in Turkey were restructured around the governance approach based on the idea that over-centralist and closed structure of Turkish public administration constitutes an impediment for local governments to work effectively and efficiently.

Participation is free and the site has a hqkk confidentiality policy.

Bilgi Edinme Hakkı

The application to this extend is made in Turkish. As seen in Table-1, the efforts to restructure Turkish public administration dates back to very old times. English term or phrase: That view already involved certain idealizations; but even this liberal ideology broke down in the face of the legal changes in the welfare state. This way, it was aimed to ease off the pressure of the central administration and to increase the capacity of local governments.

Increase in bureaucratic procedures gave rise to inefficient use of resources and, furthermore, the interventionist state has started to prevent development of rational individual preferences. Both politicians and bureaucrats are under constant pressure of being personally liable and accountable for the resources they use 498 the decisions they make during their terms of office. Translation Please Hi tintagel, I was not offended at all.

His academic interests are Public Administration, two aspects of transparency and privacy. Information and documents related to duties and acts of civil and military security intelligence units are within the scope of this law. In the first say, the theoretical framework of the study was put forward and the terms of Globalization and Governance were analyzed and the practices for enhancing transparency in Turkish Public administration were discussed.

Out of the total number of applications, However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.