Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik). Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik). Price. EUR or US$ or din. This item is currently. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: abeceda engleskog jezika – optimizovana, Author: Tanja Jankovic, Length: , English, Serbian, Book, Illustrated edition: ABECEDA Engleskog jezika [kit] : 10 lekcija / urednik, Aleksandra Todorović ; ilustracije, Z̆eljko Matijević.

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We are we re Mi smo 2, You are you re Vi ste 3. Jones is not in his office. What day is today?

Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik) : DVD Zone Shop

Zahtevi I Odgovori Can we see the room? It s five past three. I don t like.

I like vegetables, like potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, beans. We are 4 John is yourfriend. I like milk, too. I kazete ime i prezime II kazete sta trenutno radite Hello. Recnik wbeceda – u, na the – odredeni clan can – moci help – pomoci have – imati just – samo moment – trenutak ofcourse – naravno, svakako may – moci see – videti sorry – zao maybe – mozda later – kasnije still-]ol occupied – zauzet Good morning.


Which do you prefer – pancakes or ice-cream? You are you re Ti si 3. Englesko post office is at the end of Bond Street. My sister Helen is short.

I want to see Miss Jones. Canyon help me, please? Is this your bag? Can I have his telephone number? They are making a cake Izrazava radnju koja se upravo desava dok govorimo. I like it veiy much. Da pitate koje je boje ncsto: II 1 Because I likefood. I m your new student. I m not sure. Da navedete radno vreme prodavnica: It s straight ahead.

It s halfpast nine, It s a quarter to ten, What s the time, please? Milica Pavlovic – Zauvek [album ] CD 4. Where is the theatre? Is your dress ofsilk or not?

I m not sure because I m reading a very interesting book. I like it very much.

Abeceda engleskog jezika (2xCD + priručnik)

That s third right. It s over there. Twenty one, twenty two three, four.

We can t 2. Please come in, Mr.

Calaméo – abeceda engleskog jezika – optimizovana

Ill 1 What s the time, please? There are two hotels in Oxford Street.


What s your surname, please? Is that you John? There is a hotel over there. Jones is in his office.