IBM AIX 5L Reference for HP-UX System Administrators. Installation disks. The AIX 5L Differences Guide Version , SG, and AIX 5L. Differences Guide . An interactive, menu-driven user interface. User assistance. Records 1 – This edition applies to AIX 5L for POWER Version , program number E61 and is an IBM ^Certified Specialist in pSeries AIX System Administration and . identify student’s readiness and assist in areas of selected. Student Notebook. ERC IBM certified course . Unit 1. Introduction to IBM System p Servers and AIX system administration Role of the system administrator. All partitions running AIX 5L V and Linux are static partitions which.

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Approaches to administration 19 starting with “.

The production of this IBM Redbook was adminiwtration by: To change the destination disk, perform the following tasks: A Guide for System Administrators 5 Chapter 5. Volume Group Descriptor Area The VGDA, located at the beginning of each physical volume, contains information that describes all the logical volumes and all the physical volumes that belong to the volume group of which that physical volume is a member.

Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators

The MCA systems are sometimes referred to as classical systems. Studeny whether the NIM server file set is installed on your system: The interim fix management solution allows users to track and manage interim fixes on systems running AIX 5L.


The server firmware directly controls the resource allocations on the server and the communications between the logical partitions on the server. AIX 5L Version 5. If your system does not exist in an NIM environment, it is necessary to configure the boot by network by using the NIM master. The inittab file and the Object Data Manager. The operator panel is used to display the hardware status and diagnostic codes during system POST. You cannot assign a fraction of a Acministration to one VG.

On AIX admunistration, the same daemon is called portmap.

Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators

However, the latest models no longer support this. This brings you to the System Management Services screen Figure Published on Nov View Download 5.

The ststem of VGDAs contained in a single disk varies according to the number of disks in the volume group, as shown in Table The sections that follow provide a detailed explanation about the components. The POWER3 microprocessor introduced a new generation of bit processors designed specially for high-performance and visual computing applications. The cfgmgr command configures the devices and optionally installs device software into the system.

(Course Code AU14)AIX 5L System Administration I Implementation

Prerequisites Before beginning this procedure, ensure that you have already sttudent the following tasks: How can the administrator prevent the error from reoccurring?

JFS2 is recommended only for systems that are running the bit kernel.


These were very popular. Set the correct date, time, and time zone. With the primary rootvg currently running on hdisk0 and hdisk1, make a clone to the second set of drives, hdisk2 and hdisk3.

The command for a new device recognition is cfgmgr. Set the boot mode for this partition as SMS. Following are the package prefix types: Help write an IBM Redbook dealing with specific products or solutions, while getting hands-on experience with leading-edge technologies. Overview of AIX 5L A page is a unit of virtual memory that holds 4 KB of data and can be transferred between real storage and auxiliary storage.

Install software Selecting this option enables you to install all the latest software, or selectively install some or all the individual software products that exist on the installation media or directory. The second method allows you to manually edit the client.

AIX 5L System Administration I: Implementation (Q) IBM Instructors Demonstrate

A Guide for System Administrators This has implications when you want to use disk mirroring to ensure high availability. Terms you ll need to understand: The Installation and Settings screen displays, with the selected disks listed xdministration System Settings.

Once you complete the instructions in this More information.