F: Mr. Mosséri, how old are you and for how long have you been practicing natural hygiene? M: Soon I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ve been interested in natural. My first mentor Albert Mosseri used to say that it’s the most important one. Is it emotions? Is it meditation? Is it food combining? None of the above. This principle. Fasting: Nature’s Best Remedy [Albert Mosseri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Albert Mosseri’s follow up book is the most complete book.

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When secreted by the body they are secreted at the right time, and exert their influence on xlbert tissues in the body, after which they are eliminated. I made an appointment to have the hysterectomy and ovariectomy. I even did some gardening for the first time in ages. At first I embraced naturopathy, but I gave it up because naturopathy is halfway between medicine and natural hygiene.

They can therefore be of no use in the case of illness.

This is the account she wrote for me:. We must have the patience to wait out the time necessary for her to work her healing miracles. Everything is explained in detail. At any rate, the dose necessary to prevent alebrt and swelling mksseri the breasts is much larger than the dose needed to treat menopausal symptoms. The sulpha drugs gave me terrible headaches, to the point at which I was forced to stop taking them. I thought I mossei going to be sick and went straight to the toilet, where I vomited.


With this letter Iwanted to share myhappiness with you. But, following my persistent questioning, they finally acknowledged that it was multiple sclerosis. Now, following only four days of penicillin I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a rash on my back and arms — a form of dermatitis.

Shelton the question about fasting in successive stages, and he gave me the following reply:. I followed the preparation scrupulously, losing 4 kilos in a week. I sniggered discreetly, without him noticing.

Albert Mosseri Interview

I noticed that scratching the scab on a wound prevented it from healing. Sometimes this is enough for the mechanism to start up again. The patient should drink a lot of water between midnight and noon, because that’s when elimination is at its strongest. However, I returned home and began thinking about what was happening to me. It is much easier to go straight into a fast than to play around with stages, which only illustrate the apprehension and fear of the director of the cure clinic.

But then one day, I was sick of the pastilles and I stopped them.

Even if one rarely eats fish, I consider it very toxic. If you wish to fast, this book will enlighten you about all you need to know. I should say that when I was young I had my thyroid gland removed, and I was put on thyroid pills.


The fundamental alert is that medicine fights symptoms with poisons, but does not fight the cause. I refused this operation. This program features exactly what to eat, day by day, based on seasonal ingredients no mangoes in January!

The cars were identical, which I found strange. The author during a 12 day fast Preface by Dr. So all these secondary causes, like eating meat every 15 days, are not things you would recommend, but you say mossseri this frequency it would not cause one to get sick?

I stopped eating breakfast and drinking coffee, and I ate a lot of salad, and cooked vegetables in the evening. My valleys are not so zlbert, nor my hills as high as they were. Other doctors will say they can have quicker results. Science is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Albert Mosséri

Mucous membranes are more absorptive than the skin, which offers a very good barrier to foreign bodies. Nature ignores our emotional need for this.

I shall look forward to hearing from you. It was like this throughout my primary schooling. Yet there are fasting advocates who say. He weighs 66 kg lbs for a height of 1.