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Carritech offer a range of support services, including new and refurbished part supply and repairs for Alcatel SM parts. Find out more about the Alcatel. View and Download Alcatel SM technical handbook online. STM 64 Multiservice Metro Node. SM Multi-service Platforms pdf manual download. The Alcatel-Lucent Synchronous Multiplexer (SM) is the market-leading Synchronous Transfer Mode (STM) multiservice provisioning platform.

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Alcatel 1660 SM Optical Multi-Service Node (OMSN) Alcatel 1660SM Alcatel-Lucent 1660SM

Alcatel-Lucent user manual User manual for the device Alcatel-Lucent The board acts as a gateway towards the SDH network. Page SM Rel. These drivers can be disabled by the Bus—OFF signal in case of power failure.

Collapsed Single Node Ring Interconnection 3.


Different optical modules are available according to the wavelenght and signal type to be 1660m refer to Chapter 2. Page Queuing management: TSD is generated in case of SD. Stm—1 Optical Modules 4. This handbook is divided into the following main topics as described in the table of contents: Atm Interface Characteristics 5.


Stm—4 —block Diagram System—clock a System—clock b G.

Line bit—rate could be single speed or multi—rate. ISA — Ethernet port front v Page – Optical span design Page – Figure 166sm Factory use only Bicolor LED: Isa — Atm Matrix 8×8 atm8x8 4.

The equipment SM can be utilized in local, regional and metropolitan networks configured for standard plesiochronous or synchronous systems. Bottlenecks Page – Figure RDI is inserted according to sink function consequent actions; High Order Path layer: The system may be configured for example as STM ADM with full termination capacity of up to x 2Mb drop within the shelf, that means, x 2Mb drop within one x rack.

If the board is into an enhanced slot of SM the back panel throughput is of 1. The Ethernet streams come into the unit via eleven connectors RJ45 on the front—cover, just after there alcagel the transformers to realize the crossover function.


Page [3] MATRIX The matrix is in charged of cross connect the incoming and outgoing cells according to the information received by the microprocessor. Page The following standards apply to ETH physical ports: Ethernet mapper supports 8 independent channels for EOS encapsulation.

Alcatel 1660SM Technical Handbook

Main benefits of Alcatel’s ISA packet ring solution are:. The Card contains devices which recovers Data and Clock from the input and performs LOS detection, equalization, encoding and decoding functions.


Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode. Stm—16 Optical Interfaces multi Channel Table STM-1, STM-4, STM interfaces are mounted on plugin modules that allow flexible combination of electrical and optical any short or long-haul type ports on the same unit.

All in a Single Solution. The units can be distinguished by letters I, S and L defining their dependance on optical components used for Intra Office alatel links up to 2 KmShort distance links up to 40 Km or Long distance. The high temperature of the surface of a product is influenced by the surrounding air temperature, given here, and the solar radiation defined below.

Reliable, carrier-class product alcate Their resiliency features also make the Alcatel-Lucent OMSN products ideal for a multiservice transport-node solution.