Alesis MultiMix 16 USB FX – Channel Mixer with Effects and USB Audio. The Alesis MultiMix 16 USB mixer features USB connectivity, low-noise analog MultiMix 16 USB – Reference ManualOpen; MultiMix 16 USB – Zero Latency. Alesis MultiMix 16 FXD – MultiMix 16 FXD. Overview: Downloads: Images. channel mixer with multi-effects processing built in.

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We strongly suggest that you disable these sounds. Page 47 – Chapter Six: All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited.

Mac until after the Mac has fully booted. Simple Two-channel Recording Setup without Using A Computer Traditional Mixing Simple Two-Channel Recording Setup without using a computer Again, connect your instruments and microphones to the mono and stereo channels and set the levels appropriately. No or low sound from manal channel.

While it’s a good idea to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about mixing should use the table alseis contents to look up specific functions. An audio protocol developed by Steinberg and used by multiple audio software manufacturers. Interface device for the alesis adat 8-track digital audio tape recorder 92 pages.


Specifications subject to change without notice. Open the Alesis control panel and check that Windows sees the device as attached. Firewire Recording Mac until after the Mac has fully booted. For the mic inputs, use XLR cables. Page of 60 Go. Microphone level is too low. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Now, you have a blank project. Sound Setup Under Windows Depending on your Windows preferences, it will appear similar to one of the two pictures below: They are very versatile, allowing you to view the signal level of the main mix, individual channels both pre- and post-fader and aux returns depending on which signal you have multimx to the control room mix.

We recommend that you experiment with these effects to get a good feel for how they can improve your mixes Effects Section Components Program Selection Knob Faders are too low. Record-enable the tracks to be recorded first arrow. You should always connect your power supply to the mixer before you plug the power supply into an electrical outlet. Working Xlesis The Alesis Usb2.

ALESIS MULTIMIX 16 User Manual | 60 pages

Working with the Alesis USB2. Page 27 – Chapter Five: These allow the addition of external effects and other audio sources. Click on each input pair and also on the output pair to make them available to Sonar.


Audio signal is distorted. If you do not do so, your computer may not recognize the device. Don’t show me this message again. Cause Mixer is not plugged in or multimlx on. Not using TRS cables.

Alesis MULTIMIX 16 Reference Manual

The sample rate is the number of time multimux captured in one second. Audio playback or recording stutters or drops out We believe in our products, because we’ve heard the results that creative people like you have achieved with them.

Connections And Settings For Usb2. Too much low-level multomix in the mix. In its lowest position the signal is cut off completely, and in the uppermost position you get an additional 10dB of gain.

Interference from appliances such as air conditioners. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. In the 0 position the fader is at unity gain. Page 56 Block Diagrams If you do not alesiis all of the information on the left- hand side, the Inspector is not active. About The Multimix Usb2. Control room level is too low.