Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to download This document is related to the following rigs Alinco. Download ALINCO DJ-S11 service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ALINCO DJ-S11 DATA. The DJ-S11 is a handheld 2M FM amateur radio transceiver with 20 channels () + CALL Channel; transmits up to W on.

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The rear cover can be lifted and removed easily, as there are no wires to be concerned about. The display will blink if the VCO is taken out of its range. No more comments may be added. But I’m curious to how many other amateurs feel the same as me. Look for a small about 1 mm green surface mount resistor actually a 0 ohm jumperlocated on the far left side of the exposed circuit board, located to the “northwest” of the speaker. I think d-s11 radio has a good cosmetic shape and is very light.

Among other things it inspired me to make the simple modification to my DJ-S11 to extend the receive frequencies.

If your satisfied, that’s great. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. There must be something else going on. Replace the batteries, press and alijco the “F” button on the left side of the radio, and turn it on. Another note, most of the stock rubber ducks aren’t resonant when checked with an analyzer like an MFJ, but I would expect this.

If you have a 75 ohm radio, then a matched antenna would also be 75 ohms. It didn’t perform poorly for me at all. As I recall the one I owned had a rubberized flip up antenna that may have alonco helically loaded.

Around the clock, around the town, around the world.

Sorry, I don’t remember the source but perhaps you can find it with a Google search. Contact the site with comments or questions. This model in its current form, after careful scrutiny and testing, did not meet the high standards of technological excellence that ICOM sets for all our products.


So really, what was Alinco thinking? A previous comment “Unless the radio was advertised to have a tuned antenna, ” makes one wonder how many of us have been BS’ed into buying junk and not remembering that you get what you pay for applies to almost everything in life.

It isn’t trash, either. It is bad enough trying to sift through all the spin that the “advertising specialists” read that as controlled liars put into the ads but when we have to see if a HT has a resonant antenna with it.?

Simple to operate, uses AA batteries of all kinds, and they’ve always done what I expected them to do. If your fine with this performance, I’m happy for you.

Of course, which would pretty much be a requirement with a mW HT with a shortened antenna. I was first confused when I first started to use it, and couldn’t get into a repeater well which had a remote rcvr 3 miles from me, and the other 2 machines that I could hit that were at high QTHs, I was unreadable.

manuwl Carefully remove this resistor, using a small tip soldering iron, tweezers and a steady hand. After all, if you want a radio transceiver to reach any sort of distance, get one that will do what you want. I use a mobility scooter and the low power does not interfer with the electronic controler.

It’s the only model I’ve seen out there with this feature. I’ve designed vhf transmitters to load into 1. I can now receive the NOAA weather stations in my area, which will be handy when checking into weather nets during storms see http: Then I put two drinking straws together over the antenna, and wire, to give it some rugged support It looked horrible.

But then, hams have always tinkered to improve nearly every piece of gear that ever hit the market, usually because in someone’s opinion performance could be should have been! Works great with XYL shopping, etc. You guys have defenatly raised lots of good points. I’d like to know how you determined that the antenna wasn’t resonant. If I found out that the compact inch antenna wasn’t even loaded for the frequency and just a straight piece of rod, I would feel ripped off.


The reality is that you, or any other buyer, should check out the specs and make comparisons before the purchase. Alinco receivers and scanners: I followed the instructions on the page and the radio has always worked alright for its price point. Also another point, I’m not knocking the DJ-S Yes, these are still sold new.

If I bought a compact two-meter mobile antenna from a well reputable company that was about 10 inches tall, I would expect it to at least perform decently for it’s size and give my radio a good SWR.

– Articles for Alinco ‘DJ-S11’

President Midland Uniden Zodiac. Honestly there wasn’t much difference at all.

This avoids scratching the display and gives you a place to put the seven tiny screws to be removed. Remember the size of the antenna on the DJ-S Please remember that these were mW HTs.

I was pleasantly surprised when I could use it to get into the local repeater from over a mile away. Why would anyone even buy a DJ-S11 today? I have seen a piece here on the internet which details a mod to the radio which replaces the existing antenna with an SMA connector.

The output impedance of most solid state amplifier stages is low compared to tubes where it is high. But don’t you think that you would of appreciated your HT better if it had comparable performance to your larger HTs on low power settings??