The re-release of Allan Sekula’s seminal book critiquing the bond between capitalism and representations of material culture. Photography has. Ohio Arts Council. ERRATA Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Page For Read Sekula, Allan Photography against the grain x, line 29 an overt a covert. Photography against the grain: essays and photo works, Front Cover. Allan Sekula. Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,

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Think of the early artisanal resistance to the daquerreotype expressed in the caricatures of Honore Daumier and Gerard Fontallard, cartoons in which these artists of the hand scoffed at a medium in which human creativity was reduced to passive clock-watching, in which, as Fontallard put it, “talent comes through sleep.

Estheticism must be superseded, in its entirety, for a meaningful art, of any sort, to emerge. Galella, on the other hand, cannot escape the specter of the commodity; every image is previsualized in terms of its saleability.

Certainly “artifact” is a vague enough label for these things. The photographs function covertly as iconic valida- tions of a written testimonial in a manner stylistically marked as that of documentary.

My initial inclina- tion is to anchor each image temporally, somewhere within a dec- ade. This seemed the only reasonable way to shift photography away from its affiliations with painting and printmak- ing and toward an investigation of its shared and unshared ground with literature and cinema.

On at least one occasion, a 2. Most of the images are cliched.

Dialogue with graduate students, espe- cially with Blake Fitzpatrick and Vincent Leo, was also important. His realism corresponds to the status of the photograph as report, his mysticism corresponds to its status as spiritual expres- photkgraphy. This closure allwn effected in the first place in order to establish photo- graphy as an art. Reading this passage ten years later, I find the descrip-: The spectacle of daily life thrives on a kind of conceptual collage, in which the celebrated public figure is superimposed on the spaces of the mundane world, as in the photos of Jacqueline drinking.


His book Jacqueline New York, Sheed and Ward,far from being a romantic offering to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is in fact allab piece of aggressive self-justification. Their construction is experimental and contingent.

Anti-Photojournalism: Working Against the Grain – In Focus | Tate

We need a historically grounded so- ciology of the image, both in the valorized realm of high art and in the culture at large. Am I even close? In the essay, he hopes documentary will move beyond its reductive modernist form and adopt more rigorous strategies.

To what dis- course, or discourses, can these nearly mute pictures be attached? The gravures were often toned, usually in sepias but occasionally in violets, blues, or greens. Well, the history of photographer-writers is long and illustrious.

Allan Sekula, Against the Grain: An Interview with David Campany

As Bertolt Brecht had written back in. A Photonovel School Is a Factory Sketch for a Geography Lesson Sources and Credits 85 Acknowledgments It is difficult to acknowledge more than a decade’s worth of help from many sources.

Mihail Dinu marked it as to-read Apr 29, The first role, which determines the empiri- cal value of the photograph as report, is that of witness. Hine was quot- ing George Eliot’s Adam Bede The image is appropriated as the object of a secondary artwork, a literary artwork with the illusory status of “criticism.

Thus his “madonnas” are both sacred and sec- ular icons. And as I was deciding, should I try to put down this seemingly new vision that held me — people, the common people, the feeling of ship and ocean and sky and the feeling of release that I phptography 13 Photographic Meaning away from gaainst mob called the rich — Rembrandt came into my mind and I wondered would he sekulz felt as I was feeling.

A low sun illuminates one side of snow filled craters; a ruined town is barely discernible among the drifts and shadows. All communication is, to a greater or lesser extent, tendentious; all messages are manifesta- tions of interest. He did not seek to provide new truths — to set the record straight about what actually happened in the streets of Seattle. If possible, I would extend my bogus ignorance to the limit, divesting both images of author- ship and context, as though I and the photographs fell from the sky.


War without Bodies was first published as a photo-essay in the November issue of Artforum. Ashley Kang marked it as to-read Jan 06, This may seem like a trivial assertion when viewed from a contemporary vantage point — we are by now quite used to ths ful” pyotography of photographs. Any given photograph is conceivably open to appropriation by a range of “texts,” each new discourse situation generating its own set of messages.

That is, the meaning of any photographic message is necessarily context determined. The power of this folklore of grian denotation is considerable.

Allan Sekula – Photography Against the Grain

Few photographs, except perhaps medical ones, were as apparently free from “higher” meaning in allna common usage. Keiichi Tanaami on “Pop Art”. The function of text is not to intro- duce certainty.

Paul rated it it was ok Dec 28, Phottography documentary function of the image is often so imprecisely defined that the same photograph could be used to corroborate contradictory propositions. But suppose I asserted the auton- omy of each image instead. Ron Galella was a hack photographer until adversity provided him with both the need and the opportunity to invent himself as a celebrity.

Both the term “heliography” used by Jo- seph Nicephore Niepce and William Henry Fox Talbot’s “pencil of nature” implicitly dismissed the human operator and argued for the direct agency of the sun.