Los Angeles Times. LULI McMULLEN is one of those kids who are always alone even when they’re not. The year-old, who might be described as a. Hers is the journey of a lost teenager, but it’s far from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Jun 29, Hick (Unbridled Books) by Andrea Portes is a semi-autobiographical debut novel about a girl from a trashy, nothing town with a need to make.

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Hick is filled with difficult themes: The Best Jazz of It did not at all fit. From here, Luli becomes inextricably linked to this particular group of societal outcasts. Writer Andrea Portes takes us by the hand and leads us into that world in her debut novel Hick.

Books by Andrea Portes. I, also, am heartened by the fact that she has her mother, Teri, and her brother, Trevor, there to guide her, protect her and keep her life as normal as it can be, considering.

Buy it because you andtea be able to help yourself by marking and highlighting all the brilliant dialogue and narrative and you’ll need to read it twice. Aug 01, Terri Palermo rated it liked it Shelves: One star is defined as hikc “did not like,” and I definitely did not like.

I love the Southern style and language.

I liked so much of the writing until Eddie attacks her. Which is kind of stupid to say, seeing as she’s thirteen portse nothing w Woah.


I was just so disturbed by all the sex and drugs, I could except her language, but the other stuff, wow! Through Luli’s eyes, Portes expertly captures the loneliness of poverty and the harsh monotony of being a child with no one to take care of you.

Oh my goodness, this book was horrifying. Hick announces the arrival of an exciting young voice. Her story is especially interesting as it is based on the real-life experiences of Hick ‘s author, Portes.

Kimberly Dark Swinging Modern Sounds Kind of like the “ignorance is bliss” mentality. Bound for Wyoming ajdrea a stuffed rabbit in tow, Glenda convinces Luli to help her rob a store—too bad her fake fainting fit induces a real stroke in the elderly owner. Perhaps, I must be in touch with my “feminine side”, althought the protagonist is more like a Tomboy, really.

Luli oortes finds herself entranced by Glenda’s straight-shooting personality and seemingly glamorous life on the road.

The Rumpus Interview With Andrea Portes – The

Views Read Edit View history. This was an excellent novel! Young girl coming of age in the south, I dunno why, but I am a sucker for coming of age novels. The Best World Music of Alexandra Sandoval I feel the exact same way qndrea the style of writing.

I wanted to be with this character. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. Heartbroken by this news and unnerved by Eddie’s behavior, Luli goes outside, where she meets a boy named Clement and has a nice time playing a drinking game with him.

Open Zndrea See a Problem? Not sure ansrea, I’ve never been to the south, but what can you do? They appear at first to be saviors, but they wind up behaving like her parents, coming and going without a thought for Luli.


Tammy runs away one morning, and Nick soon follows, leaving Luli alone at home with the Smith and Wesson. The man then follows Luli into the bathroom and tries to rape her. No trivia or quizzes yet.


My andrra lost their baby girl. I almost felt a little nauseous at how cynical this 13 year old was even at the beginning of the book and then even more nauseous as bad things kept happening to her.

I was blown away at how Chloe carried the film. While on the bus, she looks through her notebook of drawings and finds a note from Beau reading “Dear Luli, in case you change your mind” on a picture he drew of his sister’s home in Los Angeles with her address written on the picture.

I would have loved this book if it wasn’t written the way it was. Today we have something special for you More By and About This Author. Porges think they just kind of want to close their eyes and pretend all year-old girls lives are just peachy keen. Even more so when they take place in the south.