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ANKA, advanced Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) class Unmanned Aerial System, performs day and night, all-weather reconnaissance, target. The Anka is an advanced Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV ( Unmanned Aerial System) developed by the Turkish Aerospace. Turkish Aerospace has secured a new, unit order for its Anka medium-altitude , long-endurance unmanned air vehicle from the nation’s.

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The turbocharged engine is fitted aft and powers a three-bladed propeller in a “pusher” configuration.

Turkey Orders 22 More Anka UAVs

znka Retrieved 25 November A kav of outward canted vertical tail fins are situated to either side of the engine housing. The Anka sports a wingspan of over The program was initiated in and first flight of a prototype was recorded in December of The undercarriage is a tricycle design with two main landing gear legs and a nose leg. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on 13 January Serial numbers and deployed on 25 March carried out more than sorties within a six month period, though the first of them experienced a crash landing on 9 October 9 the same year.

All airborne and ground-based flight control software is developed by TAI while payload hardware and software items are aimed to be developed by abka sub-contractors, such as Aselsan and Milsoft.

Turkey Orders 22 More Anka UAVs – UAS VISION

Retrieved 4 January The Anka can operate at altitudes up to 30, feet providing ground personnel with an excellent “eye in the sky”. We use cookies to improve our website and your experience when using it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

International iav aerial vehicles Unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkey Medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles Military robots Single-engined pusher aircraft V-tail auv TAI aircraft Unmanned military aircraft Synthetic aperture radar Aircraft first flown in The first Anka is expected sometime in An air traffic radio is also integrated in ankq communication system for the integration of the aircraft into the civilian airspace.


A pre-programmed mission plan can be loaded before the flight begins or can be altered during the flight. Eight more platforms are scheduled to follow. Retrieved 22 August The Anka is expected to formally enter operational service in assuming testing clears the machine for such. However, it is expected that this version will support air-to-surface missiles and sport a more powerful engine. The Turkish Air Force has committed to ten of the type. Identification and communication units and interface computers are employed in order to establish real time wide band communication and provide test and diagnostics functions.

While the TUAV system has an open architecture to support other potential payloads and missions, within the context of the existing project the air vehicle is configured to carry the following payloads on board: Views Read Edit View history.

These are straight assemblies with clipped wingtips. Our Data Modules allow for quick visual reference when comparing anma single entry against contemporary designs.

The role of the Anka-A will undoubtedly grow with the development of specialized communications relay, light armament and signals interception packages currently underway. The first batch was planned to be delivered in March The aircraft was handed over to the Turkish Air Force in leading to production and formal introduction into service scheduled for The system was developed from the outset as a medium-class UAV with a modular payload quality to undertake basic reconnaissance sorties.

Each Smart Launcher weighs some 55kg in a 2-cell configuration and kg in a 4-cell, both ankz including the munition. All photos via author. The airframe crashed, however, while attempting to land on 3 December due to a technical failure.

Envisioned in the early s for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the Anka has now evolved into a modular platform with synthetic aperture radarprecise weapons and satellite communication. The platform is also equipped with a digital flight control system, electro-mechanical actuators, and flight control sensor systems such as GPS, pitot-static, air data computer, navigation sensor, transducers, temperature, pressure, displacement sensors, etc.


Armed with a 3kg warhead, able to penetrate mm of armour, the CIRIT can be fired either from a Smart Launcher designed by Roketsan or from a standard pod, in uaf or quad launcher configuration. In TIES, valuable intelligence information can be obtained by the analysis of bulky imagery data. ANKA can be readied for flight by just three personnel in 45 minutes. See the bottom of the cited webpage.

The Anka was born of an indigenous initiative by the Turkish authorities to supply a homegrown UAV solution to its ankka military requirements.

Named after the mythical person winged beast, the Anka is currently undergoing evaluations to become the standard UAV of the Turkish Air Force – working in conjunction with air- and land-based units to form a modernized effective fighting force. Archived from the original on 18 November Refined information flows to the upper command layer in order to assist the headquarters to monitor a network of TUAV systems and benefit from the gathered intelligence information.

Under the nose is the optics package housed within a revolving blister. The UAV is only part of the complete package which includes the aircraft itself, the ground control station, jav personnel and applicable system receivers.

Archived from the original on 17 January The nose cone of the Anka is well curved for a smooth aerodynamic appearance. Snka CMXD weighs in at The sandwich skin structure is reinforced by composite or metallic frames, ribs, and supports. Retrieved 23 May The first flight of the latter, which can operate at up to 40,ft, onboard an ANKA-S is expected to take place in mid A total of 6 aircraft were planned to be delivered in The design is characterized by its tubular fuselage which houses avionics, fuel and the engine.