Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in her saga of a family of powerful psionic Talents (The Rowan and Damia) raised to serve the Nine Star League. New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne McCaffrey “interweaves an engrossing romance with a coming-of-age story”(Publishers Weekly) in this novel in. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in Damia’s Children (A Tower and Hive Novel Book 3) by [ McCaffrey, Anne. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading.. . Loading.

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Trivia About Damia The Tower I have marked the rest as to read. McCaffrey has created a deeply imaginative world that has all the best bits of a good sci-fi: I realised that Primes are the ‘Mary Sue’ of Anne’s mind. Women wishing to have very large families and getting pregnant over and over to make the point real.

This isn’t the first time McCaffrey has explored a relationship between an older male and a young female. When she comes of age, Damia learns that a Prime of her capabilities and temperament has no time for love. I’ve never given 3 stars to a McCaffrey mccaftrey. Combine this with no knack for writing a family drama, and you get a novel that’s pretty much dead in the water. It is a theme mccaftrey turns to over and over again in her fiction.

Woman emotional, men controlled. And it doesn’t expound on enough new territory to merit it, I think.

I understand what it’s about and I don’t find it compelling enough to continue. You’ll love them too!

Damia by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

It’s a middling book. To ask other readers questions about Damiaplease sign up. She married in and had three children: It isn’t boring but because it doesn’t grab at your emotions there’s no excitement of exhilaration either. Works by Anne McCaffrey.

She died at the age of 85, after suffering a massive stroke on 21 November Her first few years at Augeraie, her eventual Prime tower posting? The Tower and the Hive 5 books. Deneb is a newly colonized world, and some people really dislike Talents, although they are very much needed to settle the worlds.


They need time to heal their minds. Retrieved from ” https: This article does not cite any sources. This book leaves less completed, and once you read it, you’ll feel like you need to know what’ A romance set in a sci-fi setting. Oct 05, Susan rated it liked it. Doona Catteni, or Freedom Petaybee. A fair number of typos like it was scanned in and not edited quite well enough e.

They are classics for a reason!

However, when Damia does something so reprehensible to another minor Talented person, that his whole career goes down the drain So the only things they expend effort on are flirting, pouting, and having children. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thank goodness after a book of very noble, lonely characters, McCaffery gives us The Chapter of Love and Quiet Moments Fishing, a single note of reflection in an otherwise very busy book spanning twenty eight years of the life of the male protagonist another question, what does Capella’s ‘methody’ ethic entail, really?

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In the first novel, I found Afra to be one of the more interesting characters, so I was delighted to see him growing from a child into his manhood and his position of devoted second to the Rowan.

I’ve just always loved Afra and the completely romanticized and unrealistic love he has for Damia. Aug 22, Ed Avern rated it it was ok. It was obvious that she would be a Prime.

Damia (The Tower and the Hive, #2) by Anne McCaffrey

Preview — Damia by Anne McCaffrey. Damia Anne McCaffrey No preview available – Mccaffrdy her mother had the bright idea of having another baby, except ,ccaffrey been pregnant too much in too short a time, and developed gestational diabetes, and they had to pack the kids off to a different planet to live with extended family. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. But the two species’ common enemy, the expansionist Beetle aliens, are once again encroaching on inhabited territory, necessitating that despite their youth, Damia’s Children must become the last line of defense for both Human and ‘Dini.


There are mental powers, precociously smart and adorable kittens, and kidsand Epic Mcfaffrey Love “a meeting of the minds” and really, are you reading this for the educational value?

I’m trying to do something similar with my current work and it’s like pulling teeth, so I’ll cut her some slack here because, so far, I’m not doing as well I smell a mccfafrey rewrite coming or an abandoned manuscript. This book is told through the POV of the man who babysits, befriends and eventually has babies with Damia, the Rowan’s psychic daughter.

Her first novel, Restoree, was written as a protest against the absurd and unrealistic portrayals of women ,ccaffrey s-f novels in the 50s and early 60s. It was filled with curiosities and possibilities, and it was certainly entertaining.

Damia’s Children

Even the language she uses seems somehow retrogressive. Certainly I had no trouble getting to the end of the book.

The book establishes his love for her, but also his recognition that she is not his mate. She needs to shift huge carriers of ore to the other planets, and the high grade quality of the ore is wanted everywhere in the League of Planets. Humanity has found a new ally in their ongoing war against the Beetle Hive, a tenacious species called the Mrdini.

What’s there is all well written, but not engaging, possessing no momentum of its own. He remains her steadfast friend, even when she hates him, and steadily endures.