Armageddon: The Battle for Germany merupakan buku kedua yang dibaca oleh saya,yang dikarang oleh Max Hastings selepas Catastrophe: Europe . Buy Armageddon: The Battle for Germany Main Market by Max Hastings (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. James J Sheehan reviews book Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, by Max Hastings; drawing (M).

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Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, (Book Review) | HistoryNet

Despite those weaknesses, however, there is a great deal of value here. Since when has that been a criterion for success in the U. Dec 26, Marc rated it it was amazing Shelves: Medan Tempur Timur adalah sesuatu yang agak ‘misteri’ kepada saya kerana agak kurang penulisan mengenainya yang saya baca.

This book was seriously overrated. Sesetengah ayat atau perenggan perlu diulangbaca dan kamus dirujuk apabila bertemu dengan perkataan yang tidak pernah saya temui sebelum ini. The Russians alone, according to some estimates, suffered some forty million deaths of course, Stalin was responsible for many of them through vicious reprisals and substantial incompetence. Sejujurnya,membaca hasil tulisan Hastings bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah. In the past, Hastings has shown a steely objectivity when assessing the performances of armies and men, describing Hitler’s army as the outstanding force of the Second World War.

Very good informative read, on the battle for Germany, most from the the Soviet side, very very good read. The nine other former prisoners were sent to the penal battalions, where five of them died advancing into German minefields; Devyataev himself was imprisoned, and was only released a year later. Paperbackpages. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. Company Commander The Classic Infantry Memoir of World War II ], notes that George Marshall deliberately kept the numbers of troops down so as to allocate more resources to materiel production and naval and air resources.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the last days of the Third Reich. This is the question Max Hastings sets out to answer in his superb new book. He touches upon all the topics you want to hear about. Sesungguhnya,membaca buku ini banyak memberikan maklumat yang sangat berinformasi yang selama ini saya tidak ketahui atau saya abaikan. But these are points that did not take about pages to make. I know I will be looking teh an in depth book on that last year in East Prussia, the winter of “blood and ice”.


But what makes the story really come to life is the understanding of the ‘everyday people’ involved: Hastings portrays the Wehrmacht as one of the premier armies of the world — and also one of the most vicious in its treatment of civilians. Pendek kata,buku ini mengisahkan mengenai apa yang berlaku selepas Ogos sehingga kepada Kejatuhan Berlin pada Mei The rising scale of casualties has led the British Command recently to behave more and more cautiously.

While Eisenhower is painted as no more than a competent manager, Monty is portrayed as insufferable: But this is as good a time to read this as any. Hitler’s decision to fight the war on two fronts and the failure to capture Stalingrad proved to be the turning point of the war, 11944-45 Nazi Germany’s decline in Europe.

For Hastings, the answer is yes. The Battle for Germany, is the definition of a 5 Star rating.

Leadership also played an important role with Generals like Patton, Kuzhov and Rommel able to achieve more than their peers under similar circumstances.

Apr 05, Doubledf I used to work with an applied mathematician germmany was the oldest grandson of an American World War II hero; he once asked me, what I thought of Patton’s idea of pushing the Russians out of Europe after having pushed away the Germans.

Finishing off the beast

It wasn’t for the faint hearted – there is so much information packed into each page that at times it did make it rather tiring to read – needless to say the text size was rather small – so unless you’re interested in the subject or know someone who is I wouldn’t recommend it As I have mentioned, it serves as a good companion piece to my favorite recent books on the topics it covers, and I wholeheartedly 1494-45 it.


If, for example, one is arguing germanny should pay more attention to experts armaeddon less to pushy nincompoops, I offer the following from his chapter “The Bulge: Can’t help but think the message here is that if you want armageddo country to be powerful Interesting read on how the Soviet Union, not the US was the foremost combatant in the destruction of the Nazi empire. Many Soviet soldiers paid with their lives so one general could achieve success.

Balancing the complex questions of strategy, competency, blame, and morality, Hastings articulates his conclusions brilliantly.

It was the biggest battlefield in history, spreading from the English Channel to the Vistula River in Poland. I had previously read “Overlord” by Max Hastings and found it to be slow and at times, boring.

Hastings also does a fine job of walking the line between revisionism and “Good War” history. In the German military fought until batgle was literally no country ger,any to defend. These comparisons extend up to the higher commanders, as well. It looks at German atrocities and allows the reader to see how people on both sides could feel justified about the nastiness committed on batle another. This book will remain valuable. Nov 05, Peter Jowers rated it it was amazing.

There are, to be sure, some interesting points.

Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-1945

The post-Normandy operational account will be utterly familiar to anyone with even a 11944-45 knowledge of the battles under discussion. I had my 13th birthday in January and followed the printed news. He tells the story of both the Eastern and Western Fronts, raising provocative questions and offering vivid portraits of the great leaders.

Feb 20, Nick Black rated it really liked it Shelves: