HTFS User Provides an overview of the HTFS family of products. ACOL Reference ACOL Getting Started User instructions for. Aspen Hetran®, Aspen HPI Library, Aspen HTFS Research Network™, . Although AspenTech has tested the software and reviewed the documentation, the. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. This documentation contains AspenTech proprietary and confidential.

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The effects of any flow maldistribution among the plates are also handled. Having one stream single pass and the other multipass is also permitted.

Technical Summary Handles one- two- and three-zone heaters of the shell and tube type. Triangular, rotated triangular, square and rotated square tube layouts. Subsidiary properties facilities available include the component NEL40 databank, which can be used in conjunction with any component for which you provide data, and options to gudie and recover stream properties in your own databank.

DESIGN calculations use a mean coefficient and temperature difference approach, yuide an iteration to select the number of passes and channels per pass, to meet the constraints on heat load, pressure drop, flow velocity and port pressure loss.

Press the Cancel button if you wish to interrrupt the installation at any point – you will then be asked if you want to leave the setup completely, or resume the process. This uder you set your preferred set of units.

Aspen HTFS V7_0-User Guide

If so, note exactly which patches are needed, terminate the installation, and run the appropriate. Cylindrical fireboxes containing vertical hairpin tubes or a refractory backed helical coil.

You will next be asked to identify a folder for shortcuts to your program. You may also need to do this if you want your license conditions updated. In heat exchanger thermal design, this means HTFS, an unparalleled suite of research-validated software. HTFS programs can import process and properties data from all the main process simulators. Iteration takes place over four different chevron angles, and if appropriate over a range of plate sizes to establish possible designs.

  LM1084IT 5.0 PDF

Cabin fireboxes with vertical or horizontal tubes which may be wall mounted or centrally mounted in single or double rows with firing on both sides. HTFS software is based on over 30 years of industrially-led in-house research aimed at reducing the cost of design, manufacture and operation of heat transfer equipment.

Up to 4 different types in each bundle. Stud Types – Circular; rectangular; elliptical; lenticular; chamfered. You can change this if required. Horizontal or vertical orientation. Network installation is decribed in more detail there.

Aspen HTFS V7_0-User Guide – [PDF Document]

You do not need to do this if you are installing on a workstation for use with a network license. Radiative heat transfer in the tube banks.

Subsidiary properties facilities available include the component NEL40 databank, which can be used in conjunction with any component for which you provide data, and options to store and recover stream properties in your own databank.

Next you are asked if you want to supply a License file. In conjunction with extensive reviews of open literature methods they provide HTFS software with a unique technical base. Exchanger diagram to aid input review. Checks made for wet-wall conditions occurring in the desuperheating zone and for flashing of condensate in the drain-cooling zone.

Output Calculation Report – Including front and index sheet. Individual programs go in subdirectories of this defined by the program name and version, for example …. Single units and multiple blocks in series or parallel with vertical or horizontal orientations, can be modelled. The effects of any flow maldistribution among the plates are also handled. Header Types – Box; plug; cover hfts D-header; manifold; U-tube.


If usser is the first HTFS or other Hyprotech program with a or later release date that you have installed, you will be shown the default C: To view some parts of the output Full Results of most programs you need a browser, such as Internet Explorer v3 v4 preferred or Netscape v2, or higher.

HTFS V User Guide | Mahek Chhatrapati –

Setting Plan – Scaled drawing showing all major dimensions. You will then need to install each HTFS program on each workstation where it is to be used, as described in Section 2. It can be run in conjunction with the HYSYS process simulation software from Hyprotech and also has interfaces to third party property databanks, software from Aspen Technology Inc.

We also have toll free lines that you may use. HTFS software comes complete with extensive screen based help, on-line program manuals and global support, so you are htfx of an immediate, trouble-free HTFS solution. It should be a computer that is always switched on and thus continuously available to network users.

If gjide want to change the location of a program, uninstall it first and then re-install it. Chevron angles can range from 30 to 65 degrees angle to horizontal. The Simulation option in TASC is of extended form permitting either inlet conditions, or outlet conditions or flowrate to be calculated for either stream given the other two parameters.

When asked during the installation if you want to install a License on the workstation, click on No this will be set as a default if the Network License Server is running.