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4L80E. Uploaded by Jesús Guerrero. FAMOUS GM TRANSMISSION 4L80E, ENJOY IT!. Copyright: © All · Prueba Lírica. ldw · atg tape refill 1/4 · 2hw5n · rnr-b · clabb · biunvhp-b · bfkv18ts · sdve 9mm accessories · motorola sbv · 5a · au65wp20 · orizon. what cross members fit? what drive shaft yoke? part #? HERES SOME INFO ON THE 4L80E

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If so then you could have a problem with the overrun clutches instead. Kirt Koeller – europetransman hotmail. I don’t think I mentioned this, but this is a 4X4.

My gut still tells me the problem lies with the output sensor readings because of the erratic scanner readings. Tue Dec 11 If they are the same whether it actually applied the clutch or not, wouldn’t that just mean that the valve moved to let the apply oil pass, not that it actually got to the converter? Overhauled unit, case bushing had walked out.

4l80e shift linkage | eBay

In manual 3 when lockup is commanded there is NO change in flow on the Sonnaflow so I have concluded that this is likely NOT a defective torque converter, but something in the trans.

Hopefully I will be smart enough to help you guys some day. What does this all mean? I sure could use some feedback before I have to pull it back out. Unknown,Vehicle came in for bind up in manual low. That at this stage is all I have done but I just thought some ideas may be of help as this is a real unusual vehicle down here. What EPC Solenoid did you use? It does NOT do it on all vehicles but it does on some.


Tested again paying close attention to tcc slip.

Hello, world!

Andrew Arneson – arneson jvlnet. No I’m not quoting any book, just common sense. I would try another if one is available. Mon, 15 Jul To everybody for the help. Put a gauge on it next to see the line preasure was at and steady. Found the front band smoked Rear band was not in good shape either replaced both Left the pump ag.

The TC could also have a problem, but I would concentrate 4l80d the pump are 1st. Have only had a couple 4l80e’s and Att have found that everytime I get a code 86 or 87 it is not solenoid related, but rather bad apply rubber.

Brand see all Brand. Hi Guys, Paul and I have spoken since this was posted as a fix because his customer showed up at my door with no reverse when hot. Dell Wellons – woodchpr att. I use OEM only. I’d think it would either be in the servo itself or the oil feeding it, since you have no engine braking in manual low.

If this has a reman GM Unit in it check and make sure it has the proper harness wires connected to the proper trans wires. Both 4l60E’s that did this turned out to be a bad solenoid. I raised rear wheels off ground and started engine and put it in gear. I then called some peaple I know at the GM dealer and asked the trans guy if he xtg heard of the esc messing with the line sol. Refine more Format Format.

Wed Jun 5 That’s why I asked what the actual Sonnaflow numbers meant.


Trcaed harness up over bellhousing, saw no problems. This can affect shifts and pressure, kind of like a TV Limit Valve. Fri, 22 Feb If so, it goes. Chatter in reverse, or shutter in reverse Original Codes Present: Chuck in Oklahoma was especially helpful in a telephone call to him after his post. 4l8e Howardson – mistertransmissionmapleridge telus.

ptc converter 4l80e | eBay

We see a lot of these with bare and corroded wires to sensors where they exit large main harness. As stated,it’s not slipping and lockup is great,just sensor readings are’nt corresponding when it goes into 4th and lockup and the computer throws the ratio error.

It slip so bad no test drive was attempted before the overhaul. I would start with a presure test this tranny is known for regulator problems. At this point, I’m guessing the fault is not so much with the scanners, as it is a difference between published specs and actual behaviour of the GM PCM.

It is stg likely that it qtg not need any further discussion and thus bumping it serves no purpose. PSI test was exactly what attg would expect. Will probably try another new solenoid in the a. We drilled the hole and then it air tested great. Chevelle Tech Bench Racing What’s it worth? No codes Previous Repairs: Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.

Replaced shift solenoid to correct no man low first also.