Rios de fuego/Rivers of Fire (Atherton): : Patrick Carman, Daniel Cortes Coronas: Books. After Atherton’s three-tiered world collapses, ending the geographical division of the social classes, Edgar, Samuel, and Isabel try to restore the. Tags: Rios de fuego / Rivers of Fire (Atherton) (Spanish Edition) ( ) Patrick Carman, Daniel Cortes Coronas, tutorials, pdf.

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The ending was nicely written. Kincaid had helped heal her. I would recommend it to any who liked the first Atherton, since this book completes the story. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

It’s cute how the three of atheeton look at the Dark Planet and wonder of things beyond themselves. Subscription Boxes for Year-Round Fun.

Rios de fuego / Rivers of Fire

Once Edgar is saved, he riox the climb out of the Highlands to the Grove, while the rest of the group travels through the inside of Atherton. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Edgar arrives at the village and finds two people patrolling the area and he asks if he can pass to the village to tell the villagers the instructions that Dr.

In addition, there are his twin cousins who tease and punch, fiego girls at school who are quick to give him the brush-off. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some bestselling series work: The first book Atherton: It’s about that time: The fate of everyone on Athernon is in the hands of Edward, Isabel, and Samuel as they are trying to find out what is happening to their home. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now.


Horace and Maude are leading the rest of the people of Atherton to a peaceful life in the Flatlands. You can tell this, because the author talks about how Earth became a terrible place. Harding made Edgar back on the Dark Planet. Throughout the book though the Highlands and Tabletop sink into Atherton. Firstly, as revealed to us by Dr.

The people of Matisa, once pro I very much enjoyed the book and how it was written.

Sadly, he is ambushed by a atherto of Crat, which does not end well. Both males and females would like this book even with the main character being a dde.

After the water died down all of them went to a yellow line and walked down it to a door. Isabel starts the book off as someone who could just screw around and have fun. What I thought of the book Rivers of Fire was that it had several aspects to the antagonist there was the main threat the cleaners mutant creatures from the dark planet and the threat of the inside of Atherton and that the highlands the home of thousands of people is sinking.

Kincaid, Vincent and Edgar make their way towards the edge of the Highlands, intent on entering the secret underground refuge of Mead’s Hollow and finding the key to unlocking Dr.

Edgar has to escape a flood he can’t swim and climb a cliff again — he loves to climb.


May 24, Tasha rated it liked it Recommends it for: The characters are easy to relate to in this series because they are teenagers. Where else could Dr. Open Preview See a Problem? Inside the House of Power Sir Emerick knew that he heard something and as he turned the corner he saw nothing, so he went to investigate the sound he heard but little did he know that Samuel was right behind him hiding in a bush. I realize that the audience for these books is probably the average 3rd-8th grader whose mind is completely atrophied from playing too much Mario Kart but this was a little extreme.

Rivers of Fire (Atherton, #2) by Patrick Carman

Kincaid’s house and found the others were all okay except for Isabel who was unconscious do to being electrocuted by the firebugs. The Highlands is continuing to sink and the Cleaners are coming ever closer to Tabletop. I’ve really enjoyed this dystopian series for children. After Tyler was knocked out they went in to meads hollow.

Rivers of Fire

Pero los Athertln Lluviosas son famosos por sus bonitos colores y su pereza Once Atherton is all level, Dr.

Kincaid is also the man who keeps watch over both Lord Phineus and Dr.

But the princess finds herself making friends with magical horses, facing the Wild Hunt, and pointing a sword at fire-breathing dragons.