The blood knot; [Athol Fugard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written for a cast of 2 males. Blood Knot is a parable of two brothers who. Athol Fugard’s The Blood Knot. Derek Cohen. Although several of the handful of internationally-known South Af- rican writers have tried their hands at drama. Complete summary of Athol Fugard’s The Blood Knot. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Blood Knot.

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Blood Knot (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

Both were raised by the same black mother, but have different fathers, and Morris is much more fair-skinned than Zachariah. Plays by Athol Fugard. Morris decides that, since Zach wants to talk to a woman, he should write letters to a woman, so that he will not feel so lonely.

She does not know that he is black. They are at the point of violence, when they remember that they are only playing a game. When the play was first performed, in in Johannesburg, with Athol Fugard as Morris and Zakes Mokae as Zachariah, the actors were arrested. Vorster confiscated Fugard’s passport. Zach cannot be anything other than what he is, a black man, which means being treated as inferior by the society of apartheid.

Zachariah works as a gatekeeper at a park. Morris, in fact, had been tempted to use his light skin-color to try to live his life as a white man, but had been unable to live with the guilt and uncertainty that this had caused.


Morrie has plans for the future, but Zach has no plans. The Lost YearsTiverton: Morris and Zachariah will, apparently, remain together for many unhappy years to come, needing each other, but unable to bridge the gap brought about by their respective skin tones.

Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater. Its single-performance premier was in in JohannesburgSouth Africawith the playwright and Zakes Mokae playing the brothers Morris and Zachariah. Blood Knot Play Writer:. Zach sweating as the words clot in his mouth Meanwhile, the lonely Zachariah has struck up a pen-pal relationship with a white girl, and entertains fantasies that she might fall in love with him.

For the rope knot, see Blood knot. The Internet Off-Broadway Database.

Blood Knot

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Morrie wants Zach to share his dream of having a farm, but does not seem to realize that Zach must have his own dreams.

bloid Morris is fearful that someone knto discover that they have written a letter to a white woman, and urges Zach to burn the lettter, but Zach is now excited by the fact that he can defy the oppressive reality of apartheid, and wants to continue writing letters to Ethel.

Morris’ fears are soon bloor, when Zachariah’s pen-pal writes to say that she is coming to visit Port Elizabeth and wants to meet Zachariah. To avoid having her meet Zachariah, the brothers agree to have the white-looking Morris meet her and pretend to be Zachariah. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! Morris has been saving the money that Zach earns, so that they can buy a two-man farm.


The more level-headed Morris tries to disabuse Zachariah of such notions, and warns him that in segregated South Africa, such a relationship can only mean trouble, especially since the girl has indicated in letters that she has a brother who’s a policeman.

Thus, the play shows that personal caring and commitment can overcome the sense of alienation caused by racial or cultural separation. He had chosen to live his life as a black man. Because of his light skin-color, Morris could choose whether to live as white or black.

They are half-brothers, who have the same mother. Morris looks for personal messages in the classified section of the local newspaper. But Ethel sends another letter saying that she is now engaged to be married, and thus will not be coming to visit them.

It becomes evident that Morris secretly holds his brother in disdain, and that Zachariah secretly harbors thoughts of killing Morris. Read More dancers Performer.

The play is important not only as a work of art, but as a statement against the injustice represented by apartheid.