Attraction Formula – Paul Janka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka’s advice. A Review of Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula. For the longest time, I tried to avoid Paul Janka. And never thought I would write a review about Paul Janka.

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During our first meeting together, I watched Paul approach several attractive women and stroll off—victoriously—with their phone number and in most cases an agreement to meet later on in the week for a drink. Interesting read, but the proof would have to be in the pudding.

For beginners this is great because you have everything you need in one place and it will focus your study and learning curve so you get results quicker. I’d recommend reading this book for the practical tips on how to set up your apartment, how to look the part, and a few very strong key concepts that will be bolded such as setting strong terms and being somewhat unavailable and scarce to women.

Very efficient when you open sets a week and get 40 or so numbers – Magical double and triple booking: However, what would have been nice for the novice is to see the follow up phone call to the women and the lead to an actual meet. He was fearless and unshakable.


Attraction Formula

Literally every aspect is covered and it is very detailed – Janka is detail orientated and analytical by nature. In this review we’ll give you an overview of the program, Paul Janka’s system and the main Attraction Formula ebook attractoon get.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The information in this chapter is valuable experienced feedback for all men setting out on this journey that will help them make better decisions for your own longer term happiness. Alex Zinchenko rated it really liked it Sep 13, Janka’s theory Or Janka Theory as coined by a buddy and I is incredibly brilliant in its innovativeness and simplicity.

However, this system may seem a bit industrial, or mechanical and not appeal to some men – especially if you are new to dating advice. Refresh and try again.

Paul Janka-attraction formula

Janka’s system is extreme and its partly to blame for some of the consequences Janka discusses. This is currently the best “value for money” program on the market. Modern Day Sexual Man.

These women know immediately that they are dealing with a man who has experienced more than his fair share of the opposite sex, and they respect him as a result. User Reviews of Attraction Formula. I saw him on a an episode of Tyra Banks and the women really dug him even before he started talking.

Since it is a comprehensive system it can be a good place for a beginner to start if you are new to dating advice. Fascinated by his story and his uncanny ability to meet women, I sent him an email to meet for lunch.


Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

Jose rated it really liked it Jan 21, I was only able to watch half of the first video because the constant walking back and forth with the camera following the presenter distracted from the content being delivered. It doesn’t make much room for ” Romantic Notions ” about meeting women. Tom Simon rated it it was amazing May 18, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The ATP video is shot in front of a live audience. The main point Paul misses is that most guys are not natural like he is.

There are some outstanding insights from a regular guide who knows what works. Sashi rated it it was amazing Mar 27, If you are interested in meeting lots of women on the streets and perhaps taking on the lifestyle of a player, the answer will be Yes.

While I attractkon never met guys such as Mystery, Sinn, Sphinx, etc. Daren rated it really liked it Jul 12, Is the System Too Formulq YOu have keep in mind that he’s not a community guy so his philosophy goes against the grain of most of the communities practices.