RLi wiring guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RLi AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. Cut. Autowatch RLi Alarm System. Autowatch RLi The RLi is the benchmark ABS level 4 alarm/immobiliser with anti hijack in South Africa. Standard. AUTOWATCH Rli ALARM/IMMOBILISER WIRING DIAGRAM. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . NOTE B: IF YOU ARE UPGRADING A RLi OR RLi PRODUCT TO. THE.

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Hi guys I have an RLI alarm system in my car,if i unlock the car the siren goes off for 15 seconds is there anyway i can switch that off it irritates the living crap out off me…. Either way I suggest that you contact someone local to look 446dli the car for you. This entry was posted in AutowatchImmobilisersReviews. December 11, at I have not done a CAN alarm into a 3 series yet, so have not come accross this. Or any other model of Autowatch alarm?

I have installed central locking on a previous car so thought i would give it a crack before getting 446ri alarm installed. If so, is there a way around it so next time the alarm goes off I am able to disarm the alarm and drive off without worrying whether or not the car will start?


Tried asking the shop they dont have it. Built-in amplifiers filter and amplify the noises inside the cabin of vehicle. Are you sure your new battery is good? October 13, at 4: February 11, at 8: If you have a dodgy connection somewhere that has been disturbed then I aktowatch getting the install checked over.


Reversing Camera with 3. I am seeking online if there is a soft copy of the alarm.

I have replaced the car battery but the engine is not running anymore. I assume the BMW in this case however does not offer any additional means of differentiating between the two disarming methods. Read the user manual.

My friend has an Autowatch canbus alarm in her 08 BMW 3 series, it seems to work ok except it is very easy to bypass. If the alarm has door open warning chirps turned on then the doors will not lock if a door, boot autowatcj bonnet is left open.

The madness of this viewpoint is that if you travel outside of Australia or NZ it is the other way around.

You could use the RLi Premium to run selective locking, for example the 1st press of the disarm button could unlock the front doors, then a second press would unlock the rear doors arm would lock all doors.

As you have stated in vehicles with this type of set-up it may be necessary to add a confirmation code such as a hazard pulse etc. November 21, at December 11, at 5: Anyone has the soft copy manual?

Thanks Martin, I shall forwards this email to Autowatch autlwatch see what they have to 446eli.

446RLi Premium Car Alarm

Never heard of any of them! For this particular vehicle we did not find it necessary to obtain confirmation codes as the vehicle deadlocks itself when the OE transmitter is used, which disables the mechanical door locks and plunges making it impossible to disarm the alarm system.


You seem to know a bit about Autowatch alarms. Reversing Camera with Rear Mirror Monitor. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. September 29, at Then deci ded to remove the the alarm system.

Autowatch Immobiliser

This post covers alarms and turbo timers: Going by your web site you say Thatcham is the best but this alarm is Thatcham and I can disarm it in seconds!

With an alarm module far smaller than others in the market, hiding the unit during installation is much easier, making it less accessible to thieves. Guides to Advanced Vehicle Security. Hi i have 3 autowatc with the autowatch alarms 1 is a Autowtach is going to go into my project car the other is a RLi thats in my daily driver, the problem is i have just added a turbo to my car with the RLi, looked the alarm up and its got a turbo function i would LOVE to wire it in myself but to do that i would need autoeatch wiring diagram for the RLi where do i get a wiring diagram from?

Paralyser P B Car Alarm. September 23, at