Avalon Quests, Preview #1 – Avalon Quests for Pathfinder Using the SPAGS system (the solo-player, party-based Pathfinder game system) A. Join Psyga as he gets Pokemon to explore the world of Avalon Quests! Will he have them Basically, it’s Pathfinder but made for a solo gamer. Avalon Quests – Making Adventures for a Party Controlled by a Solo . a number of players may not have read any of the Pathfinder books.

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The group won the encounter and gained experience points from the encounter each. Is the weapon a common one? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Then you have the total and must roll under it to get an event. Will it be Hob? You are commenting using your WordPress. And so they head off to confront whoever kidnapped the messenger.

Move Towards A Thread 4: So he hoofs quewts to 05, 05 in his moment of stupidity. Since they technically count as half the required party of six characters, I bumped their levels up by two. Chaos Factor remains at 4, mainly because nothing bad or good happened.

The horse complies and allows the group to ride it. Delphox and Greninja found it and it knows very well where the Messenger is being held. He goes up to Chesnaught and tries to stab him with it.


Is Chesnaught a new recruit as a Paladin? And he clubbed her over the head with a sap and knocked her out. This is pretty wild.

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests | Solo RPG Voyages

They regain 7 gold from them, on top of 7 gold that the duo gained from other exploits. They say that they heard reports of some goblins carrying a person to their caves [Marked as 08, 02] and Delphox asks the guard if he wishes to join.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Chesnaught can no longer see the evil aura seething from the Thug. However, none of them speak Goblin. Is the brothel a two-man job? Auests Chesnaught know what it is?

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests

So, with my characters created, I am ready to begin Raiders of Fortune, the adventure that queste with the Avalon Quests I bought. No Way Roll… 31, No. Now we can roll on the encounter table.

Daryl goes for one of the Hyenas and attacks. Natural 1 3 Well, got off lucky. Missing Messenger ] Marking the quest at 05,02 on the hex map which, by the way, is the first time I ever dealt with hex-based mapsthe trio set off on their first Avalon Quest.

Granted, I can add Chaos to the number, but still….

Greninja goes for the last uninjured one. Learn how your comment data is processed. See, I made six characters, but only three of them can actually count as such. Notify me of new comments via email. Upon trying to read up how Hob works as a town, I came across a special quest to do if I were to return to Hob on the fifth day. They decide to rush in. The guard accepts the offer, and the level 3 fighter joins our cause, hopefully balancing out the party.


Fortunately, I found something to spice the adventure up. His intent is to bring her into the law so that they can jail her. Delphox does some fire onto the Hyenas. Oh God, if I reduce this to 1….

Roll… 64, No] [ Q: I have not done a hexcrawl in my entire life. For the first two hours… [ Q: But first… [ Q: Does Chesnaught leave the harlot alone? But first, I wanna ask the Emulator a question.

Back to Delphox and Greninja. As Delphox and Greninja arrive at their camping spot, they noticed a small pile of notes written in Goblin. Upon reading it, I… got a little confused with some aspects. Do they consider stealth? And yes, their names are what you think they are. Oh God, if I reduce this to 1… [ Scene Roll: The hyenas have their turn. You are commenting using your Twitter account.