Florencio Sánchez is generally considered to be the first dramatist of major particularly Barranca abajo} This phenomenon is curious, since the play at its. Barranca Abajo. LF. Logan Falley. Updated 13 September Transcript. Un analysis de la obra de Florencio Sanchez. “Barranca Abajo” Florencio Sánchez 1. Barranca abajo es la historia de decadencia y de aniquilamiento de una familia. DON ZOILO.

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Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. These new plays included a farce entitled La gente honesta “The Honest People” and perhaps his most famous play, Canillita “The Newspaper Vendor”both also written in The silent Zoilo takes out his knife and proceeds to scratch the ground with it. The bed, stripped bare and left to sanitize in the sun, imposes itself as an object with an expressive function 5. He published interviews and wrote political articles in which he incorporated dialogues barrsnca the protagonists.

Paralleling the structure of the first act, it is again in Zoilo’s confrontation with the public that his state of mind is profiled.

Indeed, its steady passage over the years from a quaint drama of the River Plate region to a place of permanence in the theatrical sanchezz of the Hispanic world suggests the presence of universal dramatic qualities.

Instead, absorbing perhaps from the naturalists a certain studied attention to detail, he realized the dramatic potential of sublimating a stage prop into a dynamic figure.


“Barranca Abajo” Florencio Sánchez by Betty González on Prezi

Beginning ds with a discussion among the women trailed by the disruptive presence of Don Zoilo, each dramatic unit deepens our understanding of the tense interpersonal relationships and documents the gravity of the protagonist’s psychological disturbance.

The representation of the three acts lacks the pattern of traditional dramaturgy exposition, complication, and denouement.

Se dispone a ahorcarse. Drama, not just verbal, was physical impersonation as well. The irrational outburst is not unexpected:. When Edgar and others rush to help him the king’s faithful servant Kent holds them all at a distance -so that Lear may die:.

Barranca abajo by Florencio Sánchez

Rebe Ag rated it it was ok Oct 29, Tessy rated it did not like it Oct 23, Hence the significance of the pattern and its deviations. The familiar three-act pattern is therefore dd causal, but expository; the effect is documentary.

Within each act there is an absolute continuity of time whereas between the acts time is discontinuous.

Zoilo’s return to a normal state. Se acerca a la mesa, coloca los parches de papel sobre ella y les pone bararnca de la vela. It was a success, and he followed up with a short but intense period of playwriting, with similar success in both Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Visor de obras.

Nevertheless, a certain sequential parallelism of action does reinforce each unit with the import of what has already occurred. The creative possibilities of dramatic literature were thus increased immeasurably.

Bethany rated it liked it Feb 22, Florenclo have already observed certain parallels in acts I and III; the second act contains the variant which establishes the significance of the pattern: It immediately tells the audience of Robusta’s death and is a constant reminder of Zoilo’s loss. Although the continued theatrical success of the work has generated numerous reviews, the literary composition has been studied only in barranva most cursory fashion.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The fact that Zacconi’s interpretation of this stirring scene would be immediately familiar to the audience of Barranca abajo is but one more example of what was probably an intentional allusion to King Lear 8.

The psychological drama takes place in the mind of Zoilo. In the final analysis though, we must not lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with a play, with abaji representation of an action; the dramatist is the designer of a plan to be interpreted on the stage.

Irene rated it liked it Jan 25, Like a set of Chinese boxes, each act repeats the same basic design, but on a different scale. Marie Maudite rated it really liked it Mar 11, ZOILO avanza por la izquierda a caballo, con un balde en la mano, arrastrando un barril de agua.