Workflow Template AF_process (Process Notification of Absence). This structure contains tutorials for the SAP Business Workflow development and. Cover of Creating an SAP Workflow with Workflow Builder »Whether you are a Workflow Administrator, Developer, ABAP Developer or Business Process. SAP Experiences ABAP Development SAP Business Workflow Modules Business Workflow Design BC SAP Business Workflow Development BC SAP.

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Get started using regular expressions to facilitate pattern matching in ABAP programs. The user is also to be able fevelopment display the material stock at the click of a button Note: Transformation Readiness and Agility Why is transformation More information.

If the underlying method is asynchronous, the result of the method is returned to the WIM via an event that is triggered in the event manager EM.

Use a result instead. Every well-rounded developer needs to understand JavaScript. They can be started through the Administration menu in the workflow development environment. This function module is intended to ensure that your workflow is only started if you trigger the event for one of “your” materials T-BBCT-FBC and if you are the last person who changed the material.


You go to the screen Create Notification of Absence. Use the transaction MM04 for the implementation. In addition, data is read from the workflow container to resolve the role used in the step for agent determination. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored.

Read the documentation on this role in order to define the binding from the workflow to the role container correctly. How can customers use their own object extensions with the tasks, events, etc.

Subsequent changes to data in the superordinate workflow are not passed on to existing dependent work items. Step definition uses attributes container operationevents wait stepsmethods secondary methods.

SAP Workflow – my first workflow | SAP Blogs

You want to display process-specific data for the end user before the work item is executed. The read program must be written individually by the customer. You want to display process-specific data for the end user even before the work item is executed. For more information, visit the Enterprise Resource Planning homepage.

This also applies to the check and receiver type function modules. Elements required in the workflow are declared in the workflow container, Elements required in the task are declared in the task container, so on for remaining containers too.

Note the checkbox Advance with Immediate dialog.


You were introduced to this in the first test. If at least one such function module is required, the linkage must always be entered manually as part of Customizing for the relevant workflow.

The manager of the workflow initiator is now to receive the notification of completion.

Otherwise the initiator is returned. List of purchase requisitions for a material BUS Binding can be defined between compatible data types.

For this binding, it is irrelevant whether the underlying task is synchronous or asynchronous. February 3, at 5: Create and change a second workflow. Web Site Development Workflow. When it is executed it calls the respective task or transaction screen with the correct data. Work items cannot, however, be deleted in this manner for reasons of data consistency.

Senior SAP Business Workflow Consultant. Senior ABAP Development and Coordination

Select your position by the name you have created in the organization. The function module is used for agent determination on the basis of a distribution list.

For this reason, there must also be a persistent presentation. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions.