Enchanters’ End Game (The Belgariad, Book 5) [David Eddings, Leigh Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE DRIVE OF. Home > Belgariad and Malloreon Series > Belgariad > . Book 5 Enchanter’s End Game. Enchanter’s End Game. by. David Eddings. Book 5 of the Belgariad. The final book of the series starts with Belgarion, Silk, and Belgarath sneaking through Gar og Nadrak.

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The two competing prophecies finally come to their point of divergence as the kingdoms of the west battle the assembled forces of the evil god Torak, while the young wizard Garion will determine the very existence of the world as he ventures further east. Feb 02, Nicole rated it really liked it. I remember sitting around in a circle a I will let my review of this book speak for all of the Eddings books that I have read, which include four series of books Belgariad, Mallorean, the Elenium and the Tamuli.

Fairly satisfying ending the Belgariad. Even light fantasy novels contain morals, and it is sometimes interesting if not always a productive use of time to examine them. It’s a rare novel indeed which offers a man the The series gets more readable as it goes on.

May 25, Scot Parker rated it really liked it. Funny, before this scene Polgara acted like this good man’s love of her was sweet, but misguided.

In fact, the ending was much better than I remembered; an epic scene of the protagonist fighting a massive god-in-the-flesh in the abondoned city of his preisthood.

In fact, these events do not generally provide greater depth to the characters, but are merely action scenes to give one his beloved tropes ‘something cool to do’ during the pivotal sequence of events.

Apr 22, Anne Schelhorn rated it it was amazing. Taur Urgas is a madman, literally described as foaming at the mouth enchantees Cho Hag kills him. At one point I was pretty sure that one of my favourite characters would die. Angaraks One of the things that we see clearest in this book is how different the Angarak and Alorn leaders are. Lastly, my reaction to the whole series is: Analysis 1 week ago.


The Death of a God and Division in Enchanters’ End Game

Can’t ask for more. The half-lives continued until I read all ten books in slightly over a week then put them down forever as I drifted into the Shannaras. However, this world lacks the otherworldly quality of Tolkien’s imagination to make the journey itself magical, as it involves traipsing through a fantasy world of kingdoms populated with people that are effectively described as “X is from Y, so his dominant characteristic is Z”.

But the Prophecy was unfulfilled. The characters in these novels are rather diverse as everybody has their own strengths and failings. David Eddings finished strong! This series is epic fantasy with a somewhat more gentle feel than the Wheel of Time series by Jordan. I actively dislike the “trapped by prophecy” theme forcing characters into roles with no choices. Division among enemies and unity with allies. The party travel to Lelldorin’s uncle’s manor, where Garion hears about a plot to kill the Mimbrate king Korodullin and to start a civil war between the two grand duchies.

Conclusion to Stumbling Beginnings in Summer Knight. When Belgarath, alias “Wolf”, announces the theft of a mysterious object actually the Orbhe, Garion, and Aunt Pol leave Faldor’s farm to pursue the thief, reluctantly allowing Durnik to accompany them.

The conclusion of The Belgariad has it all – more of the loveable characters you’ve followed through the previous four books.

The Death of a God and Division in Enchanters’ End Game – The Fandomentals

David Eddings’ first books which were general fiction sold moderately well. Durnik reveals that he was gifted with the Will and the Word when he was brought back to life; Polgara is at a loss for words when she realizes that her powers were not gone after snchanters.

But every other POV is a female, because Eddings dips in around the West and visits the queens who are holding the thrones while their husbands are off fighting the big war. The party travels to Tolnedra, to talk to the Emperor Ran Borune in the city of Tol Honeth, and are nearly captured by a group of mercenaries for the Queen of neighboring Nyissa.


I sound harsh, but I don’t really intend to be. He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achieved great success. With the two prophecies converging, which side will win?

Enchanters’ End Game

In Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gandalf provides much of the exposition on the secret knowledge of the world, but the future and fate of the world are uncertain I doubt he foresaw the failure of his ring-bearer, for example. Save my name, email, and website in this browser cookies for the next time I comment.

Having accomplished his mission, the story ends with Belgarath sitting in the throne room as the Orb mischieviously seems to blush. Views Read Edit View history.

Eddings accepts why they made the Soviet Union, even if he himself opposes it. The other gods confiscate Torak’s body, and UL, the father of the gods, agrees to allow Garion to revive Durnik; Mara objects, but relents when Belgarath reveals the existence of Taiba. The story then begins in earnest with the experiences of protagonist Garion. At Cthol Murgos itself, Belgarath fights Ctuchik until Ctuchik attempts to “unmake” the Orb and thus “unmakes” himself.

We see not just a cycle that leaves us where we started, but a generational one. Retrieved from ” https: I can’t wait to continue the adventure, especially now that the characters have matured. Castle Of Wizardry David Eddings. Now, accompanied by his grandfather, the ancient sorcerer Belgarath, Garion headed toward the City of Endless Night, where Torak awaited him.

While the bulk of the fellowship is leading the armies of the west into battle with the assembled army of the forces of evil, a smaller part of the fellowship ventures into the dark city where the sleeping god waits to be be reawoken as an object of great and terrible power that he desires is brought ever closer.