Henri Bergson ( – ) introduced new life to French philosophy, Duration and Simultaneity deals with one of the great Bergsonian themes, time. Henri Bergson, Duration and Simultaneity: Bergson and the Einsteinian Universe Time, Duration and Freedom – Bergson’s Critical Move Against Kant. Time Duration and Simultaneity . Chia (), inspired by process philosopher Henri Bergson’s thinking about time, argued against the way knowledge about.

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In other words, we have habit-memory actually aligned with bodily perception. As the name suggests, a quantitative multiplicity enumerates things or states of consciousness by means of externalizing one from another in a homogeneous space.

It is advantageous, however, for the theory, to choose only those processes concerning which we know something certain. Duration resembles this image, according to Bergson, because, as we grow older, our future grows smaller and our past larger. Although Bergson does not say this, one might say that Tuesday is different from Monday because Monday only includes itself and Sunday, while Tuesday includes itself, Monday, and Sunday.

Pure memory is something else, and here we encounter Bergson’s famous or infamous image of the memory cone. It is memory, but not personal memory, external to what it retains, distinct from a past whose preservation it assures; it is a memory within change itself, a memory that prolongs the before into the after, keeping them from being mere snap- shots appearing and disappearing in a present ceaselessly re- born.

But now, another and more general question arises as to how physicists have been led, in the first place, to embrace a paradox, namely, the existence of multiple, real times in the universe? The time of the system has expanded. It is the “generalized” theory of relativity. This article has no associated abstract. In Time and Free WillBergson provides examples of a quantitative multiplicity; the example of a flock of sheep is perhaps the easiest to grasp Time and Free Willpp.

What will help us understand this image is the idea of my character. Thus, when I am trying to remember something, I at first see nothing all. Let us, nevertheless, assume here that my syllogism is sound and that in consequence we cannot have both asymmetrical aging and the relativity postulate.

The color spectrum helps us understand this, since a color spectrum has a multiplicity of different shades or nuances of color. We may perhaps feel averse to the use of the word “con- sciousness” if an anthropomorphic sense is attached to it- But to imagine a thing that endures, there is no need to take one’s own memory and transport it, even attenuated, into the interior of the thing. Einstein’s was truly a relativity theory; Lorentz’ was not, though it had some of the consequences of relativity, for example, the impossibility of discovering the state of mo- tion of a body from experiments confined to it.


Then gravita- tional fields must be postulated to start, reverse, and stop reter, while the operation of Paul’s engine-which, in the tormer way of speaking, caused his accelerations —now serves to Keep rum at rest by neutralizing the effect of the fields. Yet, although Kant’s categorical imperative is supposed to be universal, it is not, according to Bergson.

We also notice that we can enumerate the sheep.

The second of the bergwon attached to the moving earth is therefore longer than that of the stationary clock in the motionless ether. His argument consists of four main steps. Many philosophers today think that this concept of multiplicity, despite its difficulty, is revolutionary.

Search the history of over duraton web pages on the Internet. The story goes that his wife obeyed this order, throwing all of her husband’s papers into the fireplace.

bsrgson It also indicates that perception is continuous with images of matter. However, this procedure would be perfectly fine only if the signal’s journey were the same leaving as returning or, in other words, if the system to which clocks O and A are attached were motionless in the ether. But, perception adds nothing new to the image; in fact, it subtracts from it. Let us draw it out gradually in such a way as to bring out of the point a line which will grow progressively longer.

In dividing and measuring the path, we then say we are dividing and measuring the duration of the mo- tion that is tracing it.

ximultaneity But, there is no instantaneous communication; and, since every transmission takes time, we have had to select one that is carried out under unchanging conditions. Here he explains that while one can go from intuition to intelligence simutaneity way of diminution, the analytic nature of intelligence precludes the opposite process.

So, if every rectilinear and nonaccelerated motion is clearly relative, if, therefore, in the eyes of science, the track is as much in motion with respect to the train as the train is with respect to the track, the scientist nonetheless declares that the track is motionless; he speaks like anyone else when he has no interest in expressing himself otherwise.

Henri Bergson (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Thenceforth, time will seem to us like the unwinding of a thread, that is, like the journey of the mobile entrusted with computing it. The first act is a durwtion of leap, and the idea of a leap is opposed to the idea of a re-constitution after analysis.


The whole is never given in an intuition; only a contracted part is given. It did not so appear then, as I, who remember that time, can testify. The second cone image represents these different regions with horizontal lines trisecting the cone.

Full text of “Duration And Simultaneity Henri Bergson”

But at that time it was clearly seen by both sides that the relation of symbols to experience was an essential part of the theory, and if it had then been shown, from physical con- siderations, that Paul would not in fact have aged in the man- ner that the symbols indicated, the theory would by common consent have been abandoned. Let us pause at this point. To preserve the ether, the attempt had already 72 Zf C?

It is very likely that this fragmentation is earned out differently by different animal species. That in itself must have been sufficient to give him confidence that he under- stood the matter better than the physicists, to whom the equa- tions were the essential thing and their meaning relatively trivial. For, it is there alone that a system of reference is regarded as at abso- lute rest, while other systems are in absolute motion.

Because a qualitative multiplicity is heterogeneous and yet interpenetrating, it cannot be adequately represented by a symbol; indeed, for Bergson, a qualitative multiplicity simultaneify inexpressible. But, there is another kind of morality and religion, according to Bergson. It materializes the difficulty, so to speak.

Duration (philosophy)

It is therefore by means of optical, or, more generally, electromagnetic, sig- nals that the two operators have been obliged to communicate with each other. Perception and memory 5. La relativity expose sans formules des theories d’Einstein et refutation des erreurs contenues dans les ouvrages les plus notoires Duree et simultaneite.

Many are incapable of aoing ahead with it; and those who are able to are governed, in this operation, by their type of activity and the nature of their needs.