Lab: Bertillon Measurement. Click link to view the file. ← Case Study Conviction Through Enhanced Fingerprint Identification. Bertillon Lab Activity. By using measuring tapes, students measured the length of their torsos, length of arm from elbow to middle finger and hand from wrist to. Side One. Side Two. Arrest card, ca. Collection of the National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington, D.C.. An arrest card for 17 year old.

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Until, that is, the guard turned over William West’s record card and noticed that William West was still a prisoner at Leavenworth.

Suspects who were drunk, ill, or uncooperative would also result in inaccurate measurements. The power over biological life was now at fingertips of the police investor in the archive. Name Height Foot Length 1.

What do feet reveal about a person’s height?

Bertillon System of Criminal Identification

Do you see a pattern? If the recorder was tired or inattentive, the measurements could fail to identify a person.

bwrtillon His Bertillon measurements were taken and it was found that bertillo served a previous term there. Exhibits of the National Law Enforcement Museum: This failure strengthened the science of fingerprints as the normally accepted method of personal identification.

A quick note to readers: One clear consequence of anthropometry was a concomitant wholesale reduction of the status of the human individual and his or her own sense of personal identity.


He’d served his earlier sentence under the name William West and was now using the name Will West.

Lab: The Bertillon Anthropometric System

Today, one sees the beginnings of a society in which one proposes to apply to every citizen the devices that had only been destined for delinquents. List at least 2 reasons why the Bertillon system is not and accurate tool to use as evidence in forensics.

The Bertilloon of Sexuality, Vol.

Navigation Main page Recent changes. Compare the Bertillon measurements in particular, keeping in mind the various factors that would affect the measurements.

Recent opinions suggest that Will and William West were related, therefore the closeness in measurements. These abbreviations allowed the Bertillon operator to provided detailed physical descriptions on the limited space of the Bertillon card. Including bertillkn Theory and Practice of La Identification. The young Alphonse Bertillon had trouble settling on a career—he spent some time in medical school but left after passing the first exam—so his father used his influence to get Alphonse a post in the police prefecture, which he assumed on March 15, Kaluszynski The Bertillon system continued as the dominant criminal identification method both in the U.

Subsequent investigation disclosed that William West was already incarcerated in the facility as of September 9, Kaluszynski describes the crucial difference between descriptive photography and previous iterations of the medium: In the ensuing confusion surrounding the true identities of the two men, their fingerprints conclusively identified them and demonstrated clearly that the adoption of a fingerprint identification system was more reliable than the older Bertillon system.


They had no doubt that he was the same man. Generally, law enforcement of the late 19th and very early 20th centuries believed that each individual had a unique combination of measurements of different body parts, and comparing these measurements could be used to distinguish between individuals. The Bertillon Anthropometric System Introduction: Although Foucault is not referring to Bertillon here, the quotation is all too applicable:.

Bertillon System of Criminal Identification

Metric Photography, Bertillon System: Complete the following chart below. Furthermore, their photographs showed that the two men bore a close physical resemblance to one another, although it was not clear that they were even related.

With metric photography, the body is totally knowable, totally locatable, totally naked. How can this information bertilloon used by a forensic scientist? What Bertillon did was standardize the process of criminal photography, and added the essential organizational element that allowed the photographs to be of some use to police officers trying to identify suspects and determine if they were in fact repeat offenders.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Errors in taking the measurements were also a constant threat to the betillon of the system.