Bir Matematikçinin SavunmasI [Original Title: A Mathematician’s Apology; T.P.S.B. No.3] by G. H. Hardy. 22 Sept Enjoyable; interesting points of view. Bir Matematikçinin Savunması. Cambridge: University Press. ISBN ( basımı). Hardy, G. H. () Ramanujan, Cambridge University. simplewiki A Mathematician’s Apology; svwiki En matematikers försvarstal; trwiki Bir Matematikçinin Savunması; zhwiki 一个数学家的辩白.

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Snow writes in his long introduction, “it is very rare for a writer to realize, with the finality of truth, that he is absolutely finished. Even i Since I matrmatikinin recommended this book to some friends, I’d better review it for them.

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To appreciate a particular face, a meal, a tree, a note, a book, a fact, an idea is something available to most of us. He justifies the pursuit of the true mathematics exactly because it is so removed from mundane being and mmatematikinin comes of purer intentions than much else that can be directed to harm as well as good, but it is a difficult thing to impart the joy of actually doing mathematics to the uninitiated, which is perhaps why so many reviews have picked upon the savunmaas of personal tragedy here partly owing to the foreword I suppose, thought Hardy’s circumstances are the least of the work’s significance, I thought, both on my first reading and now instead of the ‘apology’ itself.

Because, as Hardy writes, mathematicians observed and play with the patterns of the ideas, and: Con questa pagina vorrei unire e trasmettervi alcune delle mie passioni.

His relationship as mentor, from onwards, of the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan has become celebrated. The philosophical aspects are very A short and famous book that’s still relevant today. Hardy 7 61 8: It’s special to me, and a gem that I will quietly nurse for the times that I’m sad, and I won’t force it on people with such phenomenally long other lists. It boggled my mind, and it is what I will remember most about this very short book. He does admit that, but that admission doesn’t do much to make the book any more interesting.

The aesthetics adhered to by the professions – law, medicine, science – for example are distinctly different and incommensurate; but they are not arbitrary. I absolutely loved the intro by C. Hardy savunma watching the movie about him and Ramanujan, which inspired me to know more of his personal life and professional work. The first half of A Mathematician’s Apology is a foreword, and it is a friend and former student of Hardy’s writing about his life.


It has been said that this is a tragic account, but here is a thread of hope- that one should remain steadfast in the area of one’s talent and atop that cultivate ambitions and seek too what is beautiful.

Boiled down to its essence, “A Mathematician’s Apology” is a book about beauty. H Hardy has truly matematikijin my perception of mathematics and mathematicians.

Godfrey Harold Hardy

I don’t get to recommend this book to very many people, because apparently “it’s about maths” is a turn-off. I wish GH had tried to write something less universal and more personal. This is how GH Hardy made mathematics for me, and why sometimes I still look him up, and come back to this book, and remember why scholarship and finding out about things make me more excited about the world than anything else.

He asserts I’m paraphrasing that a true intellect appreciates math’s beauty, thus implying that if one fails to appreciate the promised beauty, she must not be an intellect this is further paraphrased as, “if you can’t do the math on that then I can’t help ya'” [Or perhaps by describing it as a preemptive “No true Scotsman” fallacy].

I picked it up, and found a lot of what Hardy wrote applied to other fields, including the computer programming I was attempting to learn.

I’m finally actually getting to it. I was going to read around my subjects, follow tangents and pick whatever took my fancy. It called upon me for a deeper reflection on my chosen pursuit, which at that point appealed to me for its fundamental importance to the other sciences and for the simple pleasure that can be gleaned of it.

Without these characteristics, theorems, however ingenious, remain curiosities of interest only to puzzlers and hobbyists. Hardy has gotten to a point in his life at which he feels creatively useless, and only then does he look back on his life and attempt to justify it by assessing pure mathematics as a career.

Matematikçinin Galaksi Rehberi – Martin Gardner

The number is known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number after a famous visit by Hardy to see Ramanujan at a hospital. Apr 02, Graychin rated it it was ok. Rather they are arrived at through social processes and accepted for what they are – the way we do things.

Open Preview See a Problem? Even if you do not know anything about Mathematics you will begin to feel the World of Ideas, although indirectly and probably as a blind man whom somebody described how wonderful the color of the blue sky is. I am a bit of a sucker for esoteric works that stand out beyond their field. Refresh and try again.


Since I have recommended this book to some friends, I’d better review it for them. It is not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority.

I doubt the less-than-stellar 50 page introduction to a page book biased me against the actual A Mathematician’s Apology. Pattern-seeing rather than pattern-making is the essential mathematical skill. If I had a statue on a column in London, would I prefer the columns to be so high that the statue was invisible, or low enough for the features to be recognizable? It has a seductive elegance that does not so much force as it does invite acceptance. Beautiful mind – G.

Una domanda, prima di iniziare: This isn’t to say there aren’t good reasons to read this book: I am convinced that you can talk about the most boring subject in the world, whatever it may be, but if you do it with love and that sparkle in your eye, people will want to listen, and ask questions, and find out more.

What Ramanujan wanted more, more than anything, was simply the freedom to do as he wished, to be left alone to think, to dream, to create, to lose himself in a world of his own making. Non-mathematicians usually know him for A Mathematician’s Apology, his essay from on the aesthetics of mathematics.

Be the first to ask a question about A Mathematician’s Apology. Paradoxically, this is what makes an aesthetic so powerful: Re-reading and re-writing it is a bruising, infuriating, ego-punishing business. Hardy’s short book “A Mathematician’s Apology” was mentioned in various contexts.

Some of his deep emotions are layed bare in this novel, and describes his woes and triumphs through his life, in particular the book which describe drinking in a common room at Trinity College inspiring him to become the reputable mathematician that he became. Nov 27, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was expecting some self-important manifesto with little information. Per chi ambisce matenatikinin issarsi sulle spalle di giganti ogni tipo.