HaChama Betkufata An Overview of Birkat HaChama – The Blessing of the Sun – and the year Solar Cycle Introduction On Wednesday. Birkat Hachamah vs. the Actual Date of the Spring Equinox .. If anyone is still interested in my article on Birkat Hachama (title is in the subject line of this post), . Birkat Hachamah (Blessing on the Sun): The existence of nearly all life on Earth is fueled by light from the sun. Some may call this phenomenon nature. We will.

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Orthodox union

Although the proper time for the blessing would be at sundown on Tuesday April 7, the Sun is no longer visible at sundown; the blessing is therefore delayed until the following morning. May it come to us and all Israel for good! Thus we have another twenty – eight as it concerns these planetary bodies. All agree, also, that the sun first rose in the skies of the Land of Israel twelve hours after it was created, that is, in the first hour of the morning of the fourth day, and it is then that we say the blessing.

Egged is planning on providing special buses to the event and police will be shutting down streets in preparation for the walking throngs. In the Nazarean Codicil A time to sew The Aruch Hashulchan Hanaiah ben Akashia says: Bikrat the blessing needs to be said when the sun is visible, the blessing is postponed to the following day, on Wednesday morning.

Birkat Hachama

In a region known for being one of the first in which early humans settled after leaving Africa, and in a city populated And I will cause it to rain upon one city and cause it not to rain upon another city ; [22] in the second, the arrows of hunger will be sent forth; [23] in the thirda great faminein the course of which men, women, and children, pious men and saints [24] will die, and the Torah will be forgotten by its students; in the fourthpartial plenty; [25] in the fifthgreat plenty, when men will eatdrink, and rejoice, and the Torah will return to its disciples; in the sixth[Heavenly] sounds; [26] in the seventh, wars; and at the conclusion of the septennate the son of David will come the first year of the next Shmita cycle.


What is the significance of the number twenty – eight? This table represents a week with all the 24 hours marked and labeled by the “planet”, actually a celestial light in direct translation, which corresponds to them according to the ancient geocentric model of “planet” order.

Various relevant Biblical verses are also said, though there is no set text. This means that any given date will, three times out of four, appear a day later in the calendar week in a subsequent year. Where will it go? They were left with a number of options, years apart from each other, and Lerman suggests that they chose the dating closest to what seemed to be the truth according to a literal interpretation of biblical accounts.

The beginning of the solar cycle always occurs in the month of Nisanand on the same day of the week [Tuesday night] although not always on the same day of the month.

Birkat Hachama – A prayer 28 years in the making

We honor the dead by pronouncing Kaddish for them. This means that Pesach this year lines up, day by day, as it did the seven days of Pesach in the days when Moshe Rabbeinu took klal Israel out of Egypt. Nisan 4, April 8, The particular planet is not in any particular place at that time.

This will truly be a most remarkable year! It last occurred erev Passover in and before that in This is the eve of Pesach Passover. The Greek word pascha Passover is used twenty hachqma eight times in the Nazarean Codicil.


It was for the signification of the seasons, specifically so that, through [regular sightings of the moonIsraelites would] sanctify new months and years. Wasn’t the world created in Tishrei when we celebrate Rosh Hashana? Please observe that the days of creation have an obvious pattern as we noted in the study titled: Thus the significance of twenty – eight seems to allude to creation and the elevation of that creation.

The blessing is recited when the sun completes its cycle every 28 years on a Tuesday at sundown.

The Blessing Of The Sun – Birchat HaChama – ברכת החמה

He who sees the sun at birkah turning point [7]the moon in its power, the planets in their orbits, and the signs of the mazzaroth in their orderly progress [8]should say: About Nisan 14, April 8,He writes.

Every number is significant and has meaning. The Torah speaks of twenty – eightdirectly, in several places that are quite significant:. A time to hoard stones.

Berachoth 59b Our Rabbis taught: How does this calculation correspond with our regular, monthly Jewish calendar? July 3,however, was on a Friday and not a Thursday because the 6 hours that accrued over each of the four years effectively adds another calendar day i. The halachic year of Isaac hachxma Jacob and Esau.

Because they [Israel] are destined to be redeemed in the seventh year [of the coming of the Messiah ], therefore the mention of redemption was placed in the seventh blessing.