This manual was of course entirely written using BlueGriffon itself. Please note it is not a HTML5 or CSS2/CSS3 tutorial but a User’s Manual. This manual is not. Warning, this is the User’s Manual for BlueGriffon, not a HTML, CSS or EPUB tutorial. The most complex CSS features of BlueGriffon will be explained in the. BlueGriffon is an Open Source Web editing application that allows All the examples in this tutorial are based on running BlueGriffon under the Linux operating.

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A dialog box with the title “Insert special characters” will appear. If you have created your new folder bluegriffn the correct location earlier, you should be able to see it in the window.

If you use English, you can either click the “Left to right” radio box for the blegriffon field, or just leave it at the default of “Unspecified”. Cell Padding – should always be set to 0 which is typically the default value. Then click the “Open” button.

BlueGriffon – HSS IT – NC State

Then click the “OK” button again. It should gutorial the top of the BlueGriffon window below the menu bar and the line of toolbar icons. We don’t see them either, of course. For example, if you insert an image and would like to align it to the right of the page and have text wrap around it, you could select the “float right” style from the drop down menu, if available. If it doesn’t, click the down arrow for that field and select it yourself.


BlueGriffon Information Page

For example, if you want your site to be called “Example Co”, type that as the first line in the column. That is, click one of the links.

The exact procedure differs from browser to browser. I also put the date I wrote or updated the page here. Each column is vertically divided into two sections. PayPal recently ceased operations in your country, please contact us directly if you hit issues purchasing our product.

Those who are completely stuck can take a look at my example for a fictitious company in the box below. The home page of a website is something like a cross between the cover of a magazine and its contents page. You can either accept this, vluegriffon change it to your real name, or delete the contents of this field altogether.

The code should be automatically highlighted.

BlueGriffon Tutorial

Mac users should do the functional equivalent: In fact, you should make it bluegriffpn habit of saving your work frequently as you design your page, so that an unexpected power failure or software crash will not cause you to lose everything you have done so far.

The first tuutorial that you will create for your site is its home page. A drop down menu will appear. For example, if I were to say to click “File Save” on the menu, it means to click the word “File” on the bluegriffoon bar, followed by the word “Save” on the drop down menu that appears.


If you can’t decide, delete its contents, leaving it empty. The right column shows you the directories folders and files on your web host’s computer.

Bobby’s Web Docs & Tutorial Videos | Bobby’s Web Training | Lehigh University

Switch to your web editor’s HTML source mode before pasting. This field is optional, and is neither displayed nor used in any way by the web browser.

Click the “New row” button that is just below the large empty box in the middle of a dialog box. Before you do anything else, let me explain some of the common terms that webmasters use to refer to the different sections of your web page.

It’s much easier to work on your page with some dummy content already there, otherwise with a completely blank white page, you’ll have a hard time figuring out where one column ends and where another begins.

The code should automatically be highlighted. The contents tuutorial the dialog box, just below the tab should change.

Enter the title of your page into the “Title” field, replacing “Insert web page title here”. To do that, we will use FileZilla, the other piece of software that you downloaded and installed earlier in this chapter.