p. Abstract | Text | Bibliography | Notes | References | About the author 1 The criticism on Bobbie Ann Mason’s fiction centers largely on the individual’s. “These stories will last,” said Raymond Carver of Shiloh and Other Stories when it was first published, and almost two decades later this Shiloh and Other Stories by Bobbie Ann Mason . “Mason is a full-fledged master of the short story. “These stories will last,” said Raymond Carver of Shiloh and Other Stories when it was first published, and almost two decades later this stunning.

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During her life, her identity has been defined by her relationship first to her mother and then to Leroy.

Shiloh |

Still, Norma Jean can support herself—she is a sales clerk at a Rexall drugstore—whereas Georgeann has never worked outside the home. When they arrive, however, it is surrounded by tourists looking at bullet holes in the walls.

That is, as Freud suggests in The Interpretation of Dreamsthe center of subjectivity lies in the unconscious, not consciousness. He and Norma Jean. Because mson modernization there is no place in Kentucky for Leroy to build his cabin. Since Leroy is interested in building a log home, they go to see an old cabin in the park.

From the first paragraph, as Norma Jean attempts to build herself up, Leroy attempts to build Norma Jean into the woman he thinks sniloh married.

Both thematically and structurally, the imagery of birds permeates the story by means of a contrast between Norma Jean, who is ready to end the marriage, to spread her wings and fly, and Leroy, who has returned to the nest and fext desperately hoping to start their marriage afresh.

Bobbie Ann Mason

Henning argues that such stories require a special kind of reading. Leroy Moffitt is a disabled trucker living with his wife, Norma Jean, in western Kentucky.


It is important to see that the downhome feminists of these stories do not want what their city cousins want: Because she has lost her positionality within the dominant fiction and because she has lost her sense of wholeness, Mabel psychically becomes nothing and lives nowhere, but since every subject lives its desire from someplace, and it articulates its position by means of fantasy, the scene within which desire is staged concerns itself with the placement of the subject.

Despite this, the stock market set record highs and traded record numbers of shares. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Freud considers consciousness as a repository for external stimuli, which then become psychically processed.

Before she began writing fiction, she published two books of nonfiction, one on the writer Vladimir Nabokov and the other titled The Girl Sleuth: The next day, Mabel and Jet visited the battleground, and then Norma Jean was born He will wad the blueprints into tight balls and fling them into the lake. That is, Mabel desires Norma Jean and Leroy to travel to Shiloh because the trip embodies her imaginary return to it, a fantasy that not only represents the unity of the family for her, but one that also signifies her own unity and adequacy—the wholeness and sufficiency of her subjectivity.

On one visit she becomes enraged when she discovers Norma Jean smoking a cigarette. Furthermore, he wants to sniloh his marriage over again. An Introduction to Short Fiction, 2nd ed. The women, at least most of them, react to their yext and discontent more forcefully; they are or become downhome feminists, and the degree of their feminist responses within their culture is largely determined by education, by economic empowerment, and by age, or by some combination of the three.

At the end of the trip to Shiloh and at the end of the story—which are both her trip and her story–Mabel remains a desiring subject—and a subject of desire.

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Leroy embraces tradition, but Norma Jean rejects it. Their way of life in rural Kentucky is also dying, buried beneath subdivisions and shopping malls. Reviewers praised Mason for her spare realism and her ear for the language of the people of western Kentucky. Point of view, sometimes called narrative perspective, is the term used to describe the way in which the writer presents the material of a story to the reader. Leroy, a long-distance trucker who has spent most of the last 15 years on the road, has come home to stay after a highway accident that has wrecked his tractor-trailer rig.


Leroy and Norma Jean had little boobbie education, but Norma Jean comes to realize the value of school and begins taking adult education classes. Some of these changes are noticeable from demographic information about the area. Minimalist fiction often takes as its subject the small events in the lives of characters. Mabel, however, believes that the couple can solve their marital difficulties by simply taking a trip to the place. He searches for some way to reestablish himself as the head of the household and finally settles on the idea of building a log cabin.

When the couple goes to Shiloh, they find a log cabin, full of bullet holes. Retrieved December 27, from Encyclopedia.

Norma Jean has moved away and is walking through the cemetery, following a serpentine brick path. It is Leroy who has had his eyes closed, not Norma Jean. Because the mind and the world develop at different rates and in different ways, during times of rapid change they cease to be complementary.

But I have this crazy feeling I missed something. In addition, Mason creates a world of working-class, marginally educated characters.