Echocardiography by Bonita Anderson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. It is a ‘humbling’ privilege, not to mention a daunting task, to be asked to review the latest edition of Bonita Anderson’s seminal textbook on. Echocardiography: The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements (3rd edn) Bonita Anderson RRP: $ ISBN‐

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About the Book This text is principally intended to be used by students and teachers of echocardiography, although it is anticipated that all Echo practices will find it to be a useful educational guide and resource. Another feature which makes this textbook very user-friendly is the summary of key points at the end of each section.

echocarfiography The layout is really helpful as she uses colour and text-boxes to help you find your way around the page and be efficient in targeting the information you need without getting overwhelmed. If you have a copy of the book and would like to report an error, echocaediography proceed to the Contact page and submit details for our investigation.

In the latest textbook, there is an excellent chapter on strain, including both tissue Doppler-based strain and speckle tracking, which was a pleasure to read in that complex concepts are explained in simple terms, the illustrations are extremely instructive and the coverage of this topic is comprehensive. Students will find this an ideal summary introduction to strain. File sizes are specified at the end of each presentation to help estimate loading times, and there is a promise of ongoing new content in the form of newer presentations in the future.

Fresh off the press for this 3rd edition of this reference textbook does exactly what the author Bonita Anderson set out to do.

The Colour Doppler Examination. The textbook comes along with added Internet content and features, giving it a real web-age dimension. People who bought this also bought. It is refreshing to read an acknowledgement that echocardiography is an ever-evolving field. See details for additional description. Please adnerson to the appropriate figure legends within the book for details.

For this reason, we advise that buyers of the book check this website regularly to remain up-to-date. If you are currently a student, you can expect that your next exam may include images from the new 3rd edition.


Also, new information can emerge that can make a change necessary. Doppler Assessment of Ventricular Echovardiography Function. Like previous editions, this textbook is designed to provide the echocardiograpuy of echocardiography for use by student cardiac sonographers and clinical supervisors.

Echocardiography : The Normal Examination and Echocardiographic Measurements

This chapter covers ultrasound physics and discusses how they relate to practical image optimisation. Best Selling echocagdiography Textbooks, Education See all. This makes her especially popular among students of echocardiography. M-Mode Echocardiographic Measurements and Calculations.

This is a well-referenced textbook with sources from well-respected leaders in the field from a great variety of countries. Key points are emphasised in numerous information panels scattered throughout the text. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions A detailed review of the text and tables in the latest textbook shows that all these changes are incorporated and hence representative of the latest guidelines.

She also lists common mistakes and how to avoid them — which is especially helpful to those of us who are learning how to train others.

The guidelines and recommendations for echo are continually evolving, so it is time to retire your earlier edition and replace it with the up-to-date version. The 3rd edition explains the technical aspects of each of the modalities and views used in routine clinical practice.

Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography by Catherine M. Key points are emphasised in numerous information panels scattered throughout the text. In summation If you are looking for a textbook covering more advanced echo techniques in detail, this book will not provide this for you, but that is not what it was aimed to do.

The layout of this edition is very easy on the eye. No ratings or reviews yet. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Key points are emphasised in numerous information panels scattered throughout the text. Doppler Valve Area Calculations. You may also like.

Bonita has a true gift for teaching — she delivers detailed explanations in clear language with excellent use of illustrations, photographs, diagrams and video footage illustrations labelled with a back arrow reference online videos that can be viewed at www. Precise details of measurement techniques and their limitations are included. A discussion of the correct ergonomics of scanning could potentially reduce scanning-related sonographer injury. It is true that sonographers, no matter how much experience they have, can always learn something new, echocarddiography from fellow sonographers or from the latest research.


Echocardiorgaphy can also be found in many echocardiographic laboratories where it is used as a reference tool and in the ongoing training and development of cardiac sonographers and registrars. Precise details of measurement techniques and their limitations are included. Previous editions were published in and in echocardiotraphy, so it is likely that the edition currently sitting in your Echo clinic is starting to look a little worse for wear after years of frequent use.

The new edition contains the same chapters and topics as the previous edition, covering echocardiograpphy and techniques used for echocardiography such as standard acoustic windows and views, and measurement of Doppler and other echo parameters. The Normal Examination of Echocardiographic Measurements. Bonita has mostly worked as a sonographer and educator at The Prince Charles Hospital and as a senior lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

As mentioned earlier the only things missing from the book are 3D and contrast echo content echocardiogfaphy with a more in depth look into strain imaging.

Echotext – Education in Echocardiography – Echotext

In addition to the major updates discussed above, the basic structure of this third edition remains essentially the same as older editions with chapter echocardiiography and topics remaining unchanged.

Any Condition Any Condition. Two-Dimensional Echocardiographic Measurements and Calculations. No eBook available Amazon. Numerous “Practical Examples” are also incorporated to illustrate the clinical application of various echocardiographic calculations along with additional “Technical Tips” showing examples of common measurement errors and ways to avoid them.

Pages are well structured and not cluttered and provide tables, still frame echo images and schematics clear all of an excellent quality.