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A modified Bookr v to support viewing CHM/HTML file using PSP’s Bookr – a document reader for the Sony PSP – Latest Version: Release Date: /12/3. Notes for this version: Fixed crash when opening PDF file which has many pages. – Enhance MuPDF, uses. Download Bookr for free. A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering.

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A collection of all book objects:. A collection of all app objects:. C2′ for r in rng. Pack it into the function being called from Excel, e. References the calling book when the Python function is called from Excel via RunPython. If none provided, the c0 sheet of a new workbook is used. Without a full path, it looks for the file in the current working directory.

Unlike on Windows, Excel will not ask you to open a read-only version of a file if it is already open in another instance. Returns a string value that represents the range bbookr. Returns a Range object that represents all the cells on the Sheet not just the cells that are currently in use. Gets or sets the height, in points, of a Boo,r. A collection of all chart objects on the specified sheet:.

Also note that a dynamic array needs an empty row and column at the bottom and to the boookr and will overwrite existing data without warning. This can be helpful if speed is an issue but naturally will be engine specific, i. A sheet object is a member of the sheets collection:. An app object is a member of the apps collection:.


Python API — xlwings dev documentation

Convert x into a 2-dimensional numpy array:. If all columns in the Range have the same width, returns the width. A collection of all name objects in the workbook:. B4′ for c in rng. A book object is a member of the books collection:. Range 11. Range 11 xw. To set the color, either use an RGB tuple 0, 0, 0 or a color constant.

Seriesdefaults to default converter. Returns a RangeRows object that represents the rows in the specified range. C4′ assert len rng. Range object from the active sheet of the active book, see Range. One of vv0’down’booke. The picture object is a member of the pictures collection:.

If all rows in the Range have the same height, returns the height. Existing files are overwritten without prompting. The shape object is a member of the shapes collection:. Gets or sets the visibility of Excel to True bokr False. If columns in the Range have different widths, returns None. Read the Docs v: If the Range is outside the used range of the Worksheet, and rows in the Range have different heights, returns the height of the first row.

Defaults to Excel standard name if not provided, e. Requires name to be set. A collection of all sheet objects:. Returns the distance, in points, w the left edge of column A to the left edge of the range.


Gets or sets the width, in characters, of a Range. Allows you to set a converter and their options. To be able to easily invoke such code from Python for debugging, use xw.

Returns a Range object from the active sheet of the active book, see Range. Turn screen updating off to speed up your script. Apply converters and options to return values, see also Range.


Creates a new Excel file with the xlwings VBA module already included. Do not construct this class directly, use Range. To remove c0 background, set the color to Nonesee Examples. Marks a user-defined function as volatile. A nonvolatile function is recalculated only when the input variables change. This method must be called from an interactive Python shell:.

Click and hold to select this cell. The easiest way to connect to a book is offered by xw. Ignores book top-left cells unlike Range.

Opens a new workbook and displays an object on its first sheet by default.