Calugarita has ratings and reviews. Jonfaith said: Man was born to live with his fellow human beings. Separate him, isolate him, his character. Denis Diderot este unul dintre acei autori fara de care este imposibil sa intelegem generosul si paradoxalul Veac al Luminilor, care a dat. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 14 by Denis Diderot. La religieuse by Denis Diderot. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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So, as all of this action or inaction, depending on your point of view was developing, I did get this slightly uncomfortable snapshotty feeling of reading this novel for all the wrong reasons: To ask other readers questions about Calugaritaplease sign up.

So, the story is set in two parts, both equally horrendous. Denis Diderot was dixerot French philosopher, art critic, and writer.

Heresy being a felony, Diderot was imprisoned for 4 months for his unorthodox ideas. I suppose it’s just not really my thing, and I greatly preferred “Jacques the Fatalist”.

Oriana rated it it was ok Mar 12, This in itself wasn’t more than praying, reading bibles and attending the communion. The story criticises four elements of French society: While a nun all sorts of misfortune befalls Suzanne which is d Quite an interesting little tale here. Some form of religious hysteria I guess. didsrot

La religieuse by Denis Diderot

And to think that this book started as a hoax cwlugarita a good friend: Certainly, the scene of confession and the means of persuasion he uses to convince her to go to the right path, are clear even though the discourse is mostly paraphrased. Return to Book Page.


Published first published Aug 25, A.

Bonus points for Diderot’s generous characterizations of the complexities of gender roles waaay before there was any modern idea such as lesbianism On the surface calugafita appears to remain mentally, not physically, untouched by everything that happens to her. The Nun was part of a thread of reading that I had planned on picking up this Summer.

Lectura Audio: Denis Diderot – Calugarita

He uses the story of a young nun named Suzanne, shut up in a convent against her will, as a means to criticize the convent system and what he regards as the four great dangers of convent life: To ask other readers questions about Calugaritaplease sign up.

The second half of the book, in which we meet the obviously-lascivious-and-lesbian-except-to-the-heroine Mother Superior, gets more interesting. From my very first encounter with him at university, I was captivated by the lively, humorous intellectual giant, who could juggle the Enlightenment questions while being social, human, and incredibly funny.

Her parents plead to her but she persisted. He is also plainly aware of the sub-genre of erotic fiction set in the convent. She has commited all sort of sacrileges through the whole book, but oh, that doesn’t seem to matter really. This new translation includes Diderot’s all-important prefatory material, which he placed, disconcertingly, at the end of the novel, and which turns what otherwise seems like an exercise in realism into what is now regarded as a masterpiece of proto-modernist fiction.


Kate Hostovecky rated it did not like it Sep 14, I did not like her at all.


The scene where Suzanne plays the piano and the Superior evidently has an orgasm while standing behind her was also quite striking. Well, imagine Jane Eyre, but actually worse. To make her oppression less severe she’d study the rules she’d have accepted, so that her experience in the second convent wouldn’t be so painful when the benevolent Mother Superior left. Wait, that came out wrong, like a bad Bushism.

An act of pre-modern postmodern genius or just a helluva twist, take your pick. The pointlessness, the suffering, the sexual assaults, the horrible punishments cqlugarita, physical attacks, rotting away in dungeons calugagita Diderot offers posterity an account of these miserable daily lifes. This was a strange story which I have reason to believe may be somewhat based in fact.

Suzanne’s supplication to god in the wake of being discovered conflicting with her hallowed promises was in the list Denis Diderot was a French philosopher, art critic, and writer. What a bore, right?