Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Swedish bestseller Läckberg’s worthy second thriller set in the coastal town of Fjällbacka (after The Ice Princess) . The Preacher: A Novel (Pegasus Crime) on *FREE* The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom, Book 1) by Camilla Lackberg Hardcover $ The Preacher – Camilla Lackberg. It is unusual for me to review two novels by the same author in succession but then it unusual for me to read.

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Lists with This Thd. It is said that his sons could perform miracles when they were young. You are commenting using your WordPress. But, nowadays all the living relatives seem to be feuding. Much more focus on Erica in her first novel. We have the same characters and a very good premise -a young woman is found dead and beneath her corpse, two other bodies from women that disappeared 30 years ago are found.

So was it someone else back then? The book also jumped around a lot from one person’s lackbergg to another and occasionally I was forced to read back and work things out. More books from this author: She is now one of the most profitable native authors in Swedish history. The mystery was decent and I preacehr hoping that Erica is back full force in the next book or it may be the last of the series for me.

With a sigh, she lay on her back with her arms crossed over her breasts and stared at the ceiling. The boy has stumbled upon the brutally murdered body of a young woman, and Patrik rhe immediately called to lead the investigation. Well, I suppose one gets a little anal crawling around looking for fibers with tweezers all day long. Buried somewhere under all this personal chitchat, there is a plot lurking which was actually quite interesting.


Then we find the cause for this, which I found funny, but after that Mellberg kind of disappears and I was left wondering how did he solve his “little problem”. I also liked preachwr ending, which does do what you might think — always a clever preacjer. August 15, at 7: Sometimes he played highwaymen here, but today he was a knight.

The Preacher

De personages zijn goed uitgewerkt en het blijft tot het laatste moment spannend. And I would be very keen to give The Preacher 4 stars straightway, without much thought, if it weren’t for the things that annoyed me most while reading.

This was the first of Camilla Lackberg’s novels I have had the pleasure to read. The family Hte is heavily involved in this book. This site uses cookies.

The Preacher – Camilla Lackberg | Savidge Reads

,ackberg a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! The way she deals with his response to the crimes under investigation, and particularly his sympathy with the victims, is handled very well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mi ha inoltre emozionata e mi ha fatta sentire vicina ai personaggi, come fossero amici o conoscenti.

This picture, which was a story on here the other week, and all your giggly responses to it were a highlight in tricky week or two. Sign up and get a free eBook!

Is it the same person that killed and hid the first two women? Oh shit, yeah, I can be there in fifteen minutes. Unless, of course, it’s to be sure he or she turns another 75 pages.

View all 4 comments. Aug 26, Amanda rated it liked it.


Her hands and feet had been bagged according to regulations to preserve any evidence. It had me guessing till the very last chapter This is canilla crazy good creepy dark Swedish crime series. Focus falls on the local misfits, clues keep leading back to them, but which family member and what is the explanation for the 20 year gap.

The Preacher | Book by Camilla Läckberg | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

With a sigh Erica hoisted herself out of bed and put on one of those tentlike dresses that for the time being were the only things that fit her. There were a lot of characters and they were all related! View all 9 comments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Preacher starts with a six-year-old boy finds the body of a woman. By continuing ths use this website, you agree to their use.

And, trust me, more secrets from a really weird and disturbed prdacher are about to resurface. Mellberg wants me to come along.

Underneath it there are two skeletons, preachfr belonging to two young women who disappeared twenty years before. A fourth woman has just gone missing. Prese anche l’elmo da cavaliere e la spada di legno, che fece oscillare felice mentre percorreva di corsa i cento metri dalla casa all’imbocco di Kungsklyftan Maybe Camilla is thinking of getting rid of Anna by having Lucas killing her. She was on her back, staring straight up at him with her eyes wide.

Once or twice is fine; doing this all the time before moving to the next action concerning other characters feels like abuse.