Test CES Seagull Program CES Competence Evaluation System CES & for Android QUESTIONS & CORRECT ANSWERS OF. Buy CES For Deck & Engine (Questions & Correct Answers): Reviewer for Entrance Exam for Maritime Company: Read Kindle Store Reviews. The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool to evaluate the Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report); Test results stored and use the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths.

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HDJV It could be any of the alternatives listed. In stage two it will be compressed to high pressure air. CCOF Emergency shut down. RCOH No, if this is done the answres of the inhibitor will be reduced. GLJL The pressure drop across the filter.

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MBRG All answers are good MBTS The asphalt unlike sulphur is a cfs product and therefore does not transmit its heat easily to the steel bulkheads, allowing the steel to stay cooler than the cargo? Unknown October scw, at 5: Compare details based on rank, nationality and crew pool.


By visual and audible signal at the control panel and indicating units Questions Asked: When a fire breaks out in the accommodation, cargo holds or on deck, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?

KKXI Ropes made of natural fibres, such as manila or cotton with tedt, non-conductive equipment at the lower end? KTJF they must not be used for any purpose KTLP Monitor the tank pressure closely and if necessary have the watchman to stcq the valve a little help to let the pressure out. DRKP 8,3 — 9. Stcw Ces Test 4.

LMXF everybody can read along LNAV In case of an emergency situation, the car deck can be difficulty to find the way around, and cars can shift position caused by ships movement.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)

You are on night time duty as navigating officer on a ship under way, when a fire in the crew’s accommodation is reported. NVSA By immersing them in buckets with oil and water. GUNQ The gudgeon pin, big end- or main bearing clearances is too large. Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in the unmanned machinery spaces. GPPO By double blank flanges with a drain between them? Home Documents Stcw Ces Test 4. Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our free products and services.


EFAD To lubricate and cool the engine. How many power supply emergency sources are required for fire-detection and fire-alarm systems? Complete Births and Deaths section of Official Log book.

VMGH Where the mooring lines lead. Anwsers Prepare it immediately before serving. The authorised Norwegian original applies in cases of discrepancies etc. CKSJ Diamond and graphite. QWBO Increase in condenser pressure. For carbon dioxide fire-fighting systems for machinery spaces the fixed piping system shall be such that: Fresh graduate and currently applying for a Maritime Company or Agency for sure there is an Entrance exam and you are not ready. KYTH By all the other mentioned alternatives.

URMH A large temperature drop across the drier.

They suffer from major damages when 41 dry during operation. SOON Heating coils are to be pressure tested, preferable by the heating medium. All ships of tons gross and upwards Questions Asked: