THE SEVEN MILLION COPY BESTSELLER The groundbreaking classic that introduced the theory that ancient Earth established contact with aliens. Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods is a work of monumental importance– the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient Earth had been visited . Erich von Da niken’s “Chariots of the Gods” is a work of monumental importance– the first book to introduce the shocking theory that ancient.

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He constantly portrays himself and anyone who believes him uncritically as heroes of free inquiry and bold unfettered thought, while any doubts as to his claims such as the skepicism of the entire scientific community is ascribed to obvious intellectual cowardice and obscurantist conformism. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Whether you agree with Von Daniken or not, the information he cites is fascinatingly out of place with conventional histories.

In that, this book holds true even today. A great deal of our real history has been occluded by the irrational zealotries of past and maybe not so past religious and politcal authorities – an immeasurable shame.

Which is part of the reason I know look at my once favorite field chxriots study with a bit of disdain. Retrieved 15 March There were some terrible errors in this book. Views Read Edit View history.

Chariots of the Gods

It’s amazing that with arguments to poorly presented that this book seemed to have such an affect on American culture in the early 70’s.

I remember reading this in high school and thinking it was soooo cool. I recommend reading this for the fun factor more than anything.


These, he says, should be interpreted as literal descriptions which have changed during the passage of time and become more obscure.

Retrieved from ” https: Losing a child is, indeed, a nightmare. Baseless, factless, and filled with ridiculous presumptions. I proudly give this book a 5 star rating because he dared what most notable scholars wouldn’t do- to PROVE the existence of otherworldly and seemingly strange things in all cultures and religions whether it’d be things from the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Torrah, ericb ruins and scrolls, and so forth. Honestly, I have a lot more respect for Erich von Daniken than I do bloats like the so-called “genius” Stephen Hawking.

Oct 07, Yigal Zur rated gon liked it. The first draft of the publication had been rejected by a variety of publishers. His works have been translated into 28 languages and have sold more than 63 million copies.

It’s easier to believe something ridiculous like alien visitation chsriots the more likely explanation of regular Earth people having the ability to puzzle things out chadiots themselves. As long as that prevails, works like these will keep on attaining best-selling status. See all 3 questions about Chariots of The Gods….

Chariots of The Gods

Product details Format Paperback 10 pages Dimensions x x Chariots of the Gods? Von Daniken himself has no scientific or archaeological credentials –the blurb on one edition of this chatiots calls him an “autodidact” in archaeology, which means self-taught, but sounds more impressive in Greek– but he does have two documented prison terms for fraud and embezzlement under his belt.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods is, of course, one of, if not the, classic works of pseudoarchaeology and UFOlogy.

I’m also anti- Ellie wrote: Had we known that Trump would win the election, we would have thought about it twice if tthe wanted U. It is the equivalent of skimming through a text book that, for instance, says that a particular event in history happened one way while there are many other books that say the event happened differently with each book stating its own either biased or credible theories, while walking away and claiming that you know everything that happened based upon one book goss your own opinions.


Chxriots Wheel circa — B.

Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken

Von Daniken’s thesis which sold a surprising number of books, and has made him a prosperous man is that, from the Old Stone Age down into the ancient Iron Age, Earth was repeatedly visited, on erichh parts of the globe, by advanced aliens who are responsible for all of mankind’s religions, and for virtually all the architectural and scientific achievements of the ancient world.

But the disturbing fact is the sheer confidence of the author in his most ridiculous and logic-defying assumptions and hypotheses. Rather, the prose is s I’m a fan of the first season of Ancient Aliens and I wanted to read this book because it seems to be the one that started it all. While managing director of a Swiss hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller reich the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.

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