Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Organic Photo Chemistry Introduction — Interation of electromaganetic radiation with matter — electronic excitations — excited states — transfer of excitation energy — sensitization and quenching — photochemical eliminations, Norrish type I and II reactions, Paterno-Buchi reaction, oxidations — reductions, cis-trans isomerisation, rearrangements di-pi methane or Zimmerman rearrangement.

To understand gravimetric analysis and to estimate the cations like silver and barium from their salts AgCl and BaCl2 by gravimetric analysis 4.

Pesticides — types — environmental effects of pesticide pollution — control pollution of radioactive waste — sources and effects somatic and genetic effects — transmission of radiation to man control Solid waste — types and sources — effects of solid waste — solid waste collection — disposal in sanitary land fills, incineration, pyrolysis and composting — recycling solid waste.

Corrosion control — cathodic protection, selection of materials and proper designing, use of corrosion inhibitors. Finar, Organic Chemistry, Vol. Alkaloids — Tropaine alkaloids — Atropine — Quinoline alkaloids — Quinine, cinchonine — opaparerine — opium alkaloids — morphine.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

To create a spread sheet to analyze the marks of the students of a class and also to create appropriate charts. Business anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli advertisement.

Nuclear Chemistry Modes of radioactive decay and rate of radioactivity decay — Radioactive chrmistry — types of nuclear reactions — Artificial radioactivity — Nuclear stability — packing fraction — mass defects and binding energy — nuclear fission of uranium, liquid drop model — nuclear fusion — essential features of water coated thermal reactors and fast breeders — neutron activation analysis — carbon and rock dating — applications of tracers in chemical analysis, reaction mechanisms, medicine and industry a y n u r Unit IV: Unit II – Types of corrosion Types of corrosion – Influencing factors and corrosion control methods for various forms of corrosion — pitting corrosion – inter granular technologg — crevice corrosion — decarburization — dezincification – stress corrosion cracking – fretting corrosion – corrosion processes and control methods in fertilizers, petrochemical, paper and sugar industries.


Drawing of a engineerinb steel truss. Drawing – flow Chart Word Spreadsheet 5. Electrochemistry Electrode enginering of electrode potential-Nernst equation for electrode potential-electrochemical series-electrochemical cell or Voltaic cell-Concentration cell-Primary cell-Leclanche cell-Secondary batteries- alkaline batteries-lead acid and Lithium batteries — An introduction to fuel cell, H2-O2 Fuel cell- Applications – Types of corrosion – Wet or electrochemical corrosion- Chemisstry — Factors influencing corrosion-Corrosion control methods.

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Paul Delahay, Double layer structure and Electrode Kinetics. Generation of Clock Signal.

To understand gravimetric principles involved in complexometric titration 3. Phase rule Phase rule and phase equilibria — one and two components — overview — Iron, carbon equilibrium diagram — Interpretation — allotropy — heat treatment — three component system — graphical representation of systems with two salts and water.

Role of Proteins and Nucleic acids and lipid metabolism Metabolism of proteins — Digestion and absorption — Oxidative deamination — Transamination — catabolism of some important amino acids — lysine, phenylamine, valine, methionine, cystine — biosynthesis of protein — genetic code — disposal of nitrogen — urea cycle — metabolism of nucleic acids — metabolism of phosphoric acid, pentoses, pureness and hystidines — genes — their repair — mutation — recombination — cloning.

Coulometry and amperometric titrations — principle and instrumentation — primary and secondary coulometric analysis — coulometry at controlled potential — coulometry at constant current — voltammetric techniques — polarography — DME — advantages of dropping mercury electrode — DC, TAST, normal pulse, differential pulse — cyclic voltammetry — principle, instrumentation, application Unit V: Estimation of a base using another standard base.

To create the presentation for the department with Power Point using animation, Design Templates and Effective presentation. Unit — III Electrode reactions classified by reaction type, Reductive coupling, Oxidative coupling, Cleavages and deprotection, Anodic substitution, Anodic fluorination. Decay of cement — prevention. Rajaram, Chemistry in Engineering and Technology.


anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli

IS — To study about organic electrode processes 3. Applications of Group Theory Standard reduction formula relating reducible and irreducible representations -Symmetries of normal modes of vibration in non-linear molecules H2O, NH3, BF3 – Selection rules for vibrational spectra — IR and Raman active fundamentals — Mutual exclusion rule Symmetries of M.

Jackie Ying – http: Glick and Jack J. Bio-inorganic J.ckuriakose Essential and trace metals in biological systems — Metalloporphyrins — Chlorophyll, hemoglobin, myoglobin and vitamin B12 — Iron sulphur proteins — Hydrogenase – Nitrogen cycle, nitrogen fixation and dinitrogen complexes — Metal centered techmology — structure and function — Role of metal complexes in medicine: Milling, and shrink resistant finishing of wool.

Application of numerical methods in engineering pdf methods in engineering pdf It is intended to. Whenever the total number of candidates in a college exceedsthe University Examination in that college will be conducted in two sessions FN and AN on the same day for 50 percent of students approx at a time.

Metal centered enzymes — structure and function i n U Unit V: To arrange the names in alphabetic order. Chemistry in Engineering and Technology Vol-2 by J. Estimation of iron in water sample by spectrophotometry. Estimation of dissolved oxygen. Measurement of electrical quantities — voltage, current, power and power factor in RLC circuit.

Porcelain — properties and applications. This course is aimed at providing the student a solid background on topics linking environmental issues such as cemistry phenomena, environmental protection and remediation and manmade environmental damages, with electrochemical phenomena.

Dyeing Classification of dyes — application and structure, Theory of dyeing — dye fibre interaction, Dyeing of cotton – reactive and vat dyes, wool — acid, basic dyes, silk —acid, basic dyes, polyester — disperse dyes.