Chrono Cross (Japanese: クロノ・クロス) is the sequel to Chrono Trigger. for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one. Hello! Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. Thanks to Gemini and Ramsus at the forums. (Chrono Cross). File type: Rich Text File .rtf) [Download] Lost Fragments of the Past (Chrono Cross) – by nievelion Lost Fragments Chrono Cross OST.

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Really basic stuff on my part. Stamina slowly recovers when the character defends or when other characters perform actions in battle. There is no single accepted convention for numbering the subfiles of compound filetypes, so I’ve used the briefest one, which Fuletype invented for Purple Cat Tools, where It’s not what you think.

The flashy thief Kid and many other characters assist him in his travels around the tropical archipelago El Nido.

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Wed Oct 24, 7: Characters of Chrono Cross. The second set of tools Chrono Cross Translation Tools are heavily-modified versions filrtype Yazoo’s tools primarily coded by Nemesis and his team. I guess you didn’t see the pic I got of them confronting Fate, called Time’s Arrow? Chrono Cross features a diverse cast of 45 party members.

I never had any intentions of just taking the system from Trigger and moving it onto the PlayStation console. Faced with an alternate reality in which he died as a child, Serge endeavors to discover the truth of the two worlds’ divergence.

Good news from the Chrono Compendium, for those of you who have been following along. The Chrono Cross team devised an original battle system using a stamina bar and Elements.

Princess Schala traveled ten thousand years in time to make contact with this dimension! fileetype

XeNTaX • View topic – Chrono Cross Models; Unknown Filetypes

I have every intention of showing off some of those details, and his aspect, in some upcoming pics! Thu Oct 25, 4: Header begins “01 00 00 80 43 00 58 00” The weapon “models” are consistent in their first 8 bytes, which may constitute a model file header; the first 8 bytes for the weapon “models” read: Chrono Cross features standard role-playing video game gameplay with some differences.


Kato thought that using a different setting and cast for Chrono Cross would allow players unfamiliar with Chrono Trigger to play Cross without becoming confused. Check out the following website, which aggregates all Steam patches and utilities:.

I think this is a place for a more skilled person in the 3D field to figure out it’s format. A downloadable version, Microsoft.


Tue Oct 23, 9: Here’s a typical one: Rcoss Masato Kato originally planned for Magus to appear in disguise as Guile, but crosd the idea due to plot difficulties. Although essentially an RPG, at its core, it is a computer game, and I believe that games should be expressed with a close connection to the console’s performance.

The subtle undertones of their exchange were described vividly and evocatively. The relevance of that will become clear after you read the story, but just as the first song fits the overall melancholy mood of a lot of the story, the remix certainly gives a creepy vibe that fits Lynx’s memories from when he was under Filetyps control. Battle sound effects – this archive includes all the battle sound effect, such as Luminaire exploding or Lightning 2 firing off. Chroo – My Writing. Swapping the content of two files in a battle field drp will cause, for example, position change of two or more player characters.

Masato Kato directed and wrote the main story, leaving sub-plots and minor character events to other staff.

I’ll do the TMD comparison with these files myself, now that you mention it. Even in Cross, it was intentionally made so that the most important question was left unanswered.

This demonstrates some of the research that was done to achieve the real time loads. Chrono Cross may not have had the largest budget, but it has the largest heart. GIve me a heads up?


After a short break, Asia’s best video game podcast returns. Filenames contain numbers, lower-case letters, and the following symbols: Players advance the game by controlling the protagonist Serge through the game’s world, primarily by foot and boat.

Characters with stamina below one point must wait to take action. After this begins my ModelMine2 file, which contains Kid’s suspected battle model and weapon model data. To find the Chrono Cross trademarks, search “Trade mark name” for “chrono cross”. Archived from the original on Based on recent discussion at the Chrono Compendium, I believe everything I’ve posted here may be compressed after all.

I won’t say the ‘best’ Chronobut If you can’t accept that, then I’m sorry to say this but I guess your Chrono and my Chrono have taken totally different paths. As the game progresses, the grid expands, allowing more Elements to be equipped and higher tiers to be accessed.

Continuing his adventure, he obtains and cleanses the corrupted Masamune sword from Chrono Trigger. A text adventure, it has not received the same amount of attention as the other games in the series for obvious reasons. Chrono Cross, released late in the PlayStation’s life, was subject to clever data obfuscation by Square.

It was all coordinated so that you would get your hands on the Chrono Cross and come to this place! I know I am. Though tussling with Serge initially, the Cdoss Dragoons—whose ranks include the fierce warriors Karsh, Zoah, Marcy, and Glenn—later assist him when the militaristic nation of Porre invades the archipelago.

Hope you like it when finished too, and I look forward to your thoughts and everyone else’s.