OBJETIVO: O presente artigo descreve os aspectos clínicos, radiológicos e histopatológicos de um caso extremamente raro de cisto periodontal lateral, bem . 1 ; 22(3): set-dez Cisto lateral: relato de caso Gracielle Rodrigues Tavares * Júlia Magalhães da Costa Lima * Sócrates Steffano da Silva Tavares. Diagnóstico e tratamento de cisto periodontal lateral: Purpose: Lateral periodontal cyst (LPC) is an uncommon type of odontogenic cyst of development.

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In its relationship with the root, the cyst is adjacent rather than adhered as in other types The etiopathogenesis of the BOC seems to be related to the degeneration of the dental lamina rests, as nowadays accepted for the LPC.

Clinical Histologic comparison of biologic width around teeth versus implants: Its association with a tooth initially confounded the determination of LPC due to its similarity to other cystic lesions and diagnosis was only confirmed through histological examination.

The determining point that supports this theory is the presence of clear cells in the epithelial boundary of these cysts, similar as in the dental lamina. The attached is a list of dental procedures for which benefits are payable under.

Tooth 13 and the remaining root from tooth 15 were also removed during the same operation. After the histopathological examination the final diagnosis was of lateral cyst. Clinical symptoms are usually absent and the diagnosis is made through routine radiographic examination Lima pperiodontal al.

Histological analysis of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone. Pleomorphic adenoma of hard palate: Excisional biopsy was performed and sent for pathologic microscopic kateral, which revealed multiple cavities with hyalinization of the connective tissue below latteral epithelium and the presence of clear non-epithelial cells.

Full Dental Plan The Full Dental Plan is designed to cover diagnostic, preventive and restorative procedures necessary for adequate dental health. To accomplish the therapeutic of the BOC, the complementary treatment of the surgical bed may be used after enucleation. The intra-oral examination showed a discreet but consistent and hard swelling adjacent to the canine without alterations in the local mucosa.


While there is lots we know about them how frustratingly common they are, More information.

LateraL periodontaL cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral

This laterall me 2. After seven days, the patient exhibited a significant reduction in facial volume and had no important complaints. Residency Competency and Proficiency Statements 1. Rev Stomatol Chir Maxillofac Apr; 2: November More information. Figure 4 – The lumen of the cavity is filled by red blood cells and peeled epithelial cells.

LateraL periodontaL cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral

At macroscopic examination the surgical piece was described as a lesion of soft tissue, dark brown colour, fibrous consistency, with dimensions of 2. The botryoid cyst reached the point of causing facial asymmetry, which led the patient in question to seek treatment.

A male, 44 years old, melanoderma, came up complaining of a swelling in the anterior left region of the mandible for already two months. The present article describes the clinical, radiographic and histological features of an extremely rare case of lateral periodontal cyst as well as the treatment and postoperative follow-up.

Lateral periodontal cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral: relato de caso – PDF

Disease classification, ideally provides a short, but comprehensive review of all known disease laheral affecting a tissue or organ. Method and equipment for the automatic inspection of flat materials. The LPC has been described as an interradicular radiolucency, well defined, circular lateeral oval in shape, often in the form of a “drop of tear” that may have sclerotic edges Carter et al. As alternatives, the peripheral ostectomy or Carnoy solution application fit perfectly in order to eliminate possible remnants of this lesion Greer RO, Johnson M.

The surgical specimen was sent to histopathologic examination in which was observed a multilocular lesion 15 x 17 mm, characterized by multiple cysts and separated by discreet connective tissue septa associated to the capsule Figure 3.

Download No category LateraL periodontaL cyst: During surgery, strong adhesion of the cystic capsule to the canine root was observed. After clinical and radiographic evaluation performed by the first professional sought by the patient, with presumptive diagnosis of periapical cyst, the element 22 was subjected to endodontic treatment.


The hypothesis of such lesion representing a multilocular variation of the LPC is defined by some authors based in clinical and histopathologic similarities 1 – 2. Endod Dent Traumatol ; As periosontal development of a multilocular lesion presents slow growth, a LPC not diagnosed in the youth may present later, between the fifth and seventh decades, larger and with a botryoid aspect, as described in the literature 47.

In contrast, this case occurred in the maxilla, corroborating the findings of Senande et al. Microscopic features of the lateral periodontal cyst. Although this characteristic is essential to the histopathologic diagnosis of the BOC, cksto eventual damage of this aspect during surgery or by laboratorial manipulation may difficult its differentiation from the LPC 6.

Based on the clinical and imaging exams as well as the lack of pulp vitality in tooth 13 cold pulp vitality testthe presumed clinical diagnosis was inflammatory radicular cyst and the preiodontal plan was total cystic enucleation and extraction of the damaged teeth involved. Development of Teeth Development of Teeth Dr. Turbulent Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for.

A retrospective study of 11 cases. The patient sought for other professional, made further tests and was submitted to enucleation of the lesion.

LateraL periodontaL cyst : case report Cisto periodontal lateral : relato de Caso

Collaborators All authors provided the conception of the manuscript, acquisition of data, drafting the manuscript and final approval of the submitted version.

From these findings, a modified Neumann incision was employed, pulling back the muco-periostal flap to reveal the edges of the cyst, which was delimited and had a well-defined capsule.

The BOC generally occurs in older patients and shows greater proportions that the LPC, latwral sometimes observer in edentulous patients 2,5.

The present study describes the clinical, radiographic and histological features of ccisto extremely rare case of lateral periodontal cyst as well as the treatment and postoperative follow-up.