Furies of Calderon is the first novel in the high fantasy series Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. The novel was first released by Ace Books in the United States as a. Codex Alera is a fantasy book series by Jim Butcher. The series chronicles the coming-of-age . Named Alera, this fury came to be accidentally, when the First Lord Gaius Primus gathered pieces of stone from . people who reside on a continent connected to Alera via a land bridge (where the Calderon Valley is located). The Codex Alera series launched just a few years later with first volume Furies of Calderon. The story borrows characters and general plot.

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Alera is part of a large continent that is inhabited by od Icemen to the north. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?

Although I could not find any definite evidence, the rumor is that Butcher was bet he couldn’t I probably made a huge mistake by reading this novel before any of The Dresden Files. A young boy Tavi who also happened to be practically the only one without any magic whatsoever did not take care of his herd on time because a girl ufries him to get some special flowers.

Furycrafters can control the elementals of earth, air, fire, wood, water, and metal.

Furies of Calderon – Wikipedia

Those who have sufficient skill with one or two fury types may elect to become “Citizens” by displaying that skill in a trial. That could prove interesting. I might continue on the series, because people say it gets better.


In the conclusion I need to explain why I kept saying that this is not Harry Dresden series. Later in the book it becomes known that Kalare made a deal with the Canim to attack the west coast of Alera in order to spread thin the First Lord’s forces. It wasn’t bad, was just okay I guess. Because of the lacked world building I found myself not caring much about the plot.

Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera, #1) by Jim Butcher

In the prologue to First Lord’s Furythe Canim Warmaster Varg is reading a book out of Alera’s history, but comments that he does not believe “Julius” could have taught Tavi anything. Akera range was south of Caldeeron.

It sounds really stupid, but it somehow works for me. It may also be that her limits were self-imposed, mentally; this seems to be confirmed in Princeps’ Fury.

Retrieved from ” https: Her journey is very interesting and she is very capable and likeable.

No, the true hero is now only powerless, he’s the ONLY powerless character. Also used in forging weapons and other precise metal objects, and metalcrafters also have dramatically increased pain tolerance and physical endurance.

In Caldwron Furyshe manages a dangerous watercrafting to save Fade from death, which reveals to the reader that Tavi is actually her son with the Princeps, and thus heir to the throne. Furies is like The Last Airbender but with more rape. It is hinted here that Fade is Araris Valerian. The story takes place in the Calderon Valley of the Kingdom of Alera, where the descendents of the lost Roman legions apparently settled thousands of years ago.


Furies of Calderon

Upon their return to High Lord Cereus’ stronghold, she compliments Amara and Bernard for going “beyond the call of duty”. Their current ambassador to Alera is Varg, who was imprisoned after the events of Academ’s Fury. They are connected to another large continent held by the Marat via a land bridge, which is the location of the Calderon Valley.

He and Bernard track the sheep when they are attacked by a Marat warrior. He sees in Tavi the Hope for a better Future. Green “A stay-up-all-night-’til-you-finish-it-book, Furies of Calderon is a marvelous read. Tavi is a shepard who has lost his sheep while helping a friend, and is taken by his uncle Bernard to find them. But other than not quite being able to pin down how the world worked which was my original concern, in case you missed itI didn’t have any problems staying engaged in the plot.

He is often teased by his fellow students, but is a close friend to Tavi and Max.

Bernard then finds Tavi and Amara and bring them back to the steadholt. Reviewing the Audiobook, Gil T.