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Sistema de Vigilancia de Calidad del Aire de Cali – SVCAC. Conpes de pdf Mb 10/11/ Descripción: Descargar. Nombre: Conpes In search of a universal sign for development, Colombia and nations agreed at the . Promigas, demographic data from DANE Census, and databases of .. consistent in scale, with the referenced document CONPES through. in March of the. CONPES 91 document was issued defining the targets set and Accord- ing to the National Survey on Health and Nutrition, % of the population taminación del aire (Documento CONPES ).

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Method The project was carried out between and for the Colombian Ministry of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Development using strategic environmental assessment SEA methodology contained in the complementary and decision-centred approach known as analytical strategic environmental assessment ANSEArelying on expert participation in different areas.

Before you leave the plane, I say again thanks. Air pollution and health. Also, rainfall is expected to wash out gases, while wind direction may play an important role in transporting pollution between areas of the city. Conclusions Such diagnosis led to a series of actions or interventions to be implemented at different levels by the state entities involved.

Air pollution dynamics and the need for temporally differentiated road pricing Nowadays, road traffic is a major source of urban air pollution. Thanks, my heavenly mother, for your blessings, and please intercede for me and my family with the Lord. Using a quadratic directional output distance function, we characterize changes in technical efficiency as well as patterns of substitutability in response….

I would like to start by expressing my infinite thanks to Jesus, the name that is above every name. I have met more than people, therefore I apologize if someone is not explicitly cited in this document.

Likewise, this time window is conservative enough to identify short- and long-run effects of PYP on CO since most of the adaptation responses to the program occur within the first year of implementation see Gallego 205 al. The net Cojpes charge only plays a role in xiii stimulating adoption of the most expensive technologies: Although environmentalists and scientists have gained some knowledge in the last decades about the causes of urban air pollution, and recently about its effects on human health, that knowledge is not very valuable if those findings are not translated into mechanisms to control air pollution and reduce human exposure.


She cared coonpes every detail of the thesis and every version of each document that I developed. Section 5 brings all the previous analyses together in order to discuss the effects of switching from moderate 334 drastic restrictions of PYP. Therefore, air pollution is considered an externality whose effects may cost-effectively be mitigated through the use of re instruments see Sterner and Coria, The authors do not evaluate the effects on car sales and registrations or gasoline consumption.

Acknowledgements As a child, I learnt that gratitude is more than being courteous. The height interval 20m-2m was chosen to compute the 2005 gradient because temperature inversions are severe near ground level Comrie and Diem, Gasoline taxes, on the other hand, have tended to reduce gasoline usage in Bogota, suggesting that a price-based mechanism would be more effective in reducing driving.

I am also grateful to my sweet Virgin Mary. Fourth, continuous series of hourly data are available for several city locations. Previous studies analyzing driving restrictions have not considered these 200. Developed countries seem to have improved in public awareness and reduction of emissions. Exxon Mobil de Colombia S.

If so, what are they and what quantity? I want to thank my grandmother for her trust, blessings, wise advice and prophetic words.

Alcaldía de Santiago de Cali

In order to evaluate these combinations and to better understand their effects, we need more empirical analysis of how they interact. The author also thanks other institutions such as the Transportation and Finance Agencies of Bogota and Econometria S.

How to cite this article. The second theme is Point Sources. I present this thesis to you and I would like you to receive it as a pleasing offering to your altar. In contrast, gasoline consumption in Bogota has responded negatively to increasing gasoline taxes, suggesting that market mechanisms may be more effective than driving restrictions. Several of the health impacts are associated with chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases see e. Responsibility Page 3 of 15 3.

One factor ce complicates the analysis of CO concentrations is meteorology.

Política de Prevención y control de la by luzmila roldan on Prezi

The PYP program has been enforced through the imposition of fines and vehicle immobilization. For example, PM10 and NOxunlike CO, are exposed to a chain of complex 3344 reactions and are also emitted from more varied sources.

Complementary recommendations were made for decision-making relating conoes the suggested interventions. Moreover, they could potentially induce the use of public transportation, while decreasing the use of private transport Eskeland and Feyzioglu, a. As a case study we look at detailed data of NOx emissions from large combustion plants in Sweden.


This approach may introduce biases in the average pollutant concentrations, which may explain why those authors find a reduction in CO after a minor adjustment of the restrictions in I also appreciate the support and encouragement from my uncles, aunts, and cousins.

It con;es describes the data and presents the econometric strategy and effects of the PYP on CO concentrations.

Sistema de Vigilancia de Calidad del Aire de Cali – SVCAC

I am also grateful to my sister for her love, kindness, and friendship, and for the happiness of having together a shared dream: Thus, instead of traffic counts, CO concentrations are used as a proxy for car use. In particular, in andthe monitoring network experienced maintenance problems, yielding the lowest number of valid observations in the entire history of the network, making it impossible to construct reliable continuous series for several pollutants.

Hence, environmental policies aiming at reducing CO2 emissions might affect emissions of other pollutants from firms adjusting their production processes in response to climate policy. I also would like to thank our friends in the Catholic Church for their prayers: International School of Madrid. The last theme is Forecasting. It contains two chapters associated with two policies regulating emissions from the transport sector: The results show that forecast combination always performs better than using NN, the benchmark statistical approach.

Section 4 presents the methodology and results regarding the effects of PYP on gasoline consumption, vehicle registrations and sales, and other variables.

Rainfall can either affect CO levels via a washing effect or function as a proxy for the willingness to substitute transportation mode at certain times of the day — individuals owning a car may opt to use it rather than public transport when discouraged by rain.

Atmospheric Environment 42, — This is accomplished using both Monte Carlo simulation and an extensive application to air quality in Bogota, one of the largest and most polluted cities in Latin America.