Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual. Bass. INTAY. Instruction manual • Bedienungsanleitung Contax T3 has been designed according to the basic The Contax T3 is a 35mm lens-shutter. Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Film cameras Contax-T3.

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Thanks for a very informative and useful article. Reply Ricardo June 20, at With the current secondhand prices, I could pick up two and a half Contax Ts for a decent T3.

Contax T3 Instruction Manual

Depending on how frequently you shoot like this, the Contax T3 can also be set up to your preference. I had been mznual a T3 for ages but the bad Aussie dollar kept me from getting it until a mint condition model turned up locally for a great price.

Now next time the camera is turned off then on again, that will be the mode that remains. After reading this and now having the manual I expect to be exhibiting my artwork shortly.

One of my favourite features of the Contax T2 was the light meter. Do you know anyone near by who could run a roll through it to test?

Having an aperture priority mode is as welcome as it is on any other advanced contsx, but it too is a touch of a fiddle to access. In terms of size, the Contax T3 measures up very well. Firstly, and this is especially useful for me at the moment, the exposure instructon is lockable.

Mxnual least until you have to change the focused distance, which of course means tt3 back into the fiddly menu. It is also the cinema, a place not traditionally considered a hot spot for film photography outings, not to mention the fact that it was dark outside.

Reply Cody Priebe August 30, at 9: This catches me out every single time. Again like the Fuji Klasse, the Contax T3 has a menu driven and fairly fiddly to use manual focus. And all be it largely in activity, that is exactly what the Contax T3 does too. Thanks for getting in touch! No manual but at relatively sensible price.

  IEC 61804-3 PDF

All these things and more are important.

The constantly updating exposure information in the viewfinder is much more akin to a bigger camera. Small is of course not the only specification for this hypothetical ideal carry everywhere camera, I also want it to be a good camera in many other ways. The Contax T3 thankfully retains this function. Nanual Hamish Gill June 19, at 3: Ko-Fi allows one off donations.


Not having this on the AF-L function is a minor quibble, but I do think it would round off the manual focus functionality of the camera nicely. In short, if you can find a comfortable distance to lock the lens ckntax manual focus it can be a very fast camera to shoot with.

This means the process is a little slower than it could be if it were under a thumb on the back. It also has to be depressed to switched back to program mode. Reply Hamish Gill September 20, at 2: So perfect that my GR1s and Leica are collecting dusts on my shelf.

Take the cost out of the equation, and actually it fits my specifications for a carry everywhere camera perfectly. If you shoot like this a lot, or want to spend a day out shooting this way, the chosen manual focus distance can be locked in.

Reply nubizus June 19, at Due to the movement of the lens, having it move after full press does slightly increase the impression of shutter lag. After some deliberation I decided to sell it and move to the Contax T3. The likes of the Olympus mju-ii and Pentax Espio Mini are cameras contas come very close to being the absolute ideal carry everywhere camera for snaps, but for their own unique reasons ultimately they fall short of perfect.


And actually, when I add them r3 together, there are onstruction few cameras that fit the bill… If any….

None separate focus from metering for a start. I had, rather naively, never considered compact film cameras as being of a sufficient quality to […].

What these numbers mean really is as follows.

Contax T3, Italian version instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

But the real beauty is that for most part it is a set and forget type camera. I assume this is something special? Mannual to mention the fact that actually, the focal length is wrong with all of those.

This is especially helped by the fact the screen on the top shows the distance the camera is locked to. Setting CF6a will cancel the focused instrucrion distance after the shot is taken, CF6b maintains the distance focused to until it is reset with another press of the AF-L button or the camera is switched off.

Contax T3 – A regular companion

Surprisingly I think the Contax T3 handles at least as well as the T2 too. The point is I want a camera on me at all times. The IQ is just astonishing, when I look at some of my well-exposed, perfectly focused photos, scanned with a Nikon Coolscan at full resolution, sometimes I get the feeling that they are, well, too perfect. It needs to be simple, yet have somewhat manipulatable function, it needs to have great lens quality instrction a useful focal length. And ultimately for snaps it makes little or no difference when the lens moves, it still has to move and that still takes time.

If you store your exposed film in the same box as your unexposed film, CF1a is for you as it winds the leader all the way into the canister. Same goes for my iPhone.