Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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Variable dates Primavera P3 does not support the concept of variable datesso any variable converg within a project are converted into fixed dates during export, based on the date to which the variable date corresponds on the day of export. Click the appropriate radio button to specify which parts of the project to export. The Export Scope page of the wizard appears.

Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Microsoft Project

Currency units Primavera P3 does not support currency units tl any way. The Save As dialog appears. During the export process, you can specify whether to export the project using the WBS structure, or using the natural order hierarchy of charts and summary groups.

It is only possible to change the global number of hours in a day or week, or year within Primavera software itself.

Task durations When you export a project, all durations are rounded up or down to the nearest planning unit – ie Days or Hours, depending on the planning unit you select during the export. The work breakdown structure in an XER file is imported as a set of summary tasks.

A different appearance colour is generated for each cost centre each one a different shade of green. Code libraries Code library assignments against each task and resource can be exported into a custom field of the “text” type, with the name “CodeLibrary: During the export, the WBS entries that have been assigned to expanded and summary tasks that have been identified as projects are flagged as representing projects.

Resource curves If you import a project that includes one or more resources curves, the import process imports all resource curves except any that have the same name as a resource curve that exists in the template that you specify during the import. Asta Powerproject calendars that have work periods that start between these boundaries have their start and finish dates rounded down during the export. Interruptible tasks Microsoft Project does not support interruptible tasks. If you import an MPP or XML file into a chart or summary group rather than importing it as a project in its own right, a number of Library Explorer objects such as calendars, cost centres, cost and income rates and resources may be created as a result of the import.


Cost allocations Any cost allocations that do not have a cost centre ‘cost account’ assigned to them will be assigned an ‘anonymous’ cost centre, which is created during the import. The way to avoid this is to structure summary groups well prior to export. Similarly, some of the information in a Primavera project may be modified or lost when you import it into Asta Powerproject.

Work breakdown structure The work breakdown structure in Primavera SureTrak is imported as the work breakdown structure in Asta Powerproject and appropriate WBS codes are assigned to the tasks in the project.

Overtime in Asta Powerproject is incompatible with Microsoft Project where progress is involved. If any additional user-defined fields need to be created within the Asta Powerproject project to store custom field information, a dialog appears to inform you whether or not this is possible; if it is possible, you are given the choice of continuing with the user-defined field creation, importing the project without creating the additional user-defined fields and cancelling the import altogether.

Interruptible tasks Primavera P3 does not support interruptible tasks. As a result of this, all currency amounts are converted into the Primavera default currency during the export.

Tasks All tasks are imported into Asta Powerproject as either tasks, milestones or hammocks. Asta Powerproject Microsoft Project Milestones Asta Powerproject supports start milestones and finish milestones, while Microsoft Project supports only one type of milestone.

You can then choose to import them all, or just a selection of them. Click Next to access the following page. Currency units The default currency unit that is defined in the XER file is used to set up the common sata in Asta Powerproject.

During import the notes are concatenated and any HTML tags are removed.

Primavera software does not support boolean user-defined fields, so these are exported as string-type user-defined fields containing either ‘Y’ or ‘N’. Primavera software has a powerprojet that allows projects within the database to be structured.

Primavera software has a very similar work breakdown structure to Asta Powerproject; however, in Primavera software there is no distinction between charts and summary groups. Have your logo here? You vonvert choose to convert negative costs in a Primavera project into income, or to leave them as negative costs in the resulting file. Task durations It is only possible to change the global number of hours in a day or week, or year within Primavera software itself.

Knowledge Base

User-defined fields are created according to the following table:. Best regards Mike Testro. If the cost accrual type is ‘uniform’, a cost allocation matching the task is created; otherwise cost allocations are converted into point spend cost allocations attached to the start or end of a task.


You must find out how this setting is configured in Primavera software before exporting a project, so that you can specify the correct calendar during the export process.

If you were to then re-import the project into Asta Powerproject, the resource curve would be imported with 20 points – unless the resource curve has the same name as a resource curve that exists in the template that you specify during the import, in which case the template resource curve is kept as it is and any changes that have been made to the curve with the same name in Primavera software are lost.

If any such flags are encountered on milestones during the export, the milestones are converted from start milestones to finish milestones, or vice versa. You can choose during the export whether to ignore subheadings during export, or whether to convert them into hidden tasks that have the name of the subheading bar.

Click Finish to close the wizard and export the project. Cost rates Resources in Microsoft Project can have up to five cost rate tables, with costs that can change over time: When you import a P3B file into Asta Powerproject, note the following points.

Activities in Cconvert SureTrak are organised as an indented hierarchy with an outline level. Astq can choose whether or not to export resource and cost allocations. As a result of this, all currency amounts are converted into the Primavera P3 default currency during the export. Note that this may cause the summary tasks that enclose them to have different start and finish dates in Asta Powerproject. Summary tasks Microsoft Project does not support empty summary tasks.

Converting ASTA power Project File to P3

If overtime has been reported against an allocation in Microsoft Project, the allocation value of the resource assignment is increased powerprojext import to ensure that the task duration and the amount of work on the allocation do not alter. Null tasks are converted into empty bars during import. Primavera software type Asta Powerproject type Resources Resources permanent and consumable WBS Expanded tasks Activities Tasks and milestones Activity resources Allocations permanent and consumable Note that user-defined field definitions are created for all Asta Powerproject object powdrproject that correspond to a Primavera software object type.