The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. Jeremy Narby, Author Putnam Publishing Group $ (p) ISBN Comece a ler The Cosmic Serpent no seu Kindle em menos de um minuto. Jeremy Narby, Ph.D. is the author of The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of . Swiss-Canadian anthropologist Dr Jeremy Narby argues in his book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, that the twin.

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Jeremy Narby is an anthropologist and writer. They popularised the discovery for the west, describing the essence of life as twin snakes, or the snaking ladder of the double helix.

If for nothing else, this meremy would already be worth a reading. Instead it is one of the most interesting and thought-provoking books I have ever read!

I loved how he talked about thespecies of plants in the Western Amazon and how the fact that native Amazonians were able to put together the right three plants out of theseto create serprnt substance now called in pharmacology curare.

But make sure you’ve got your tinfoil hat ready. He goes to great lengths to provide evidence for the very extraordinary claims made here, but the evidence is so fraught with confirmation bias, simple misunderstandings of science, and giant leaps in logical thinking that by the point I gave cossmic on it, I felt serprnt I should have been keeping track of all the faulty evidence and logic throughout just to try and keep away from the later conclusions that rested on those jeeemy problems.

Shamanism is like a reverse camera relative to modern science. This book is written by an anthropologist desperately trying to shed anthropologies racist and colonial foundations. First, he refers to several interesting studies that seem to lend plausibility to this idea that DNA itself is emanating light in visible wavelengths. Narby describes his descent into a rabbit-hole like a mystery novel or an adventure flick, so it’s a very edible read.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This is the first audiobook where I want to keep a review short because I don’t want sserpent post spoilers.

Books such as Narby’s, and programmes like the fifth-world project, are at a cutting edge of contemporary thought because of their respect for indigenous science.

Jeremy Narby The Cosmic Serpent — DOP

Inthe pitface miner Augustin Lesage heard a voice telling him that he cosmid going to become nargy painter…. Narby’s path begins in the jungles of South America where he learns from the shamans of the Ashaninca about Ayahuasca and the visions that have sustained their culture for thousands of years. Jun 24, Stefan-Iulian Tesoi rated it liked it Shelves: The style of writing bothered me more than anything else.

This leads me to suspect that the cosmic serpent is narcissistic—or, at least, obsessed with its own reproduction, even in imagery. Not something I very often say about a book. It is that the global network cosmi DNA-based life emits ultra-weak radio waves, which are currently at the limits of measurement, but which we can nonetheless perceive in states of defocalization, such as hallucinations and dreams.

This means somewhere in the seas these four nucleobases were formed, linked together in a way that encoded information, found a way into cells, found a handy enzyme to split the coils into identical halves once in a while to reproduce, and gradually came to inhabit the earth with living descendants.

This article about a book on biology or natural history is a stub. The Quirishari believe that the plants they harvest often have symbolic shapes to help identify their uses, such as a plant used to counteract snake bites having fang-like structures on the leaves.


Narby is a Stanford PhD in Anthropology who did his dissertation on these peoples, but this is not his dissertation. This is the observation that led me to investigate jrremy cosmic serpent.

The Cosmic Serpent

While many in the scientific world have scoffed at his theories, Jeremy Narby has succeeded at least in throwing a monkey wrench in the the more-myth-than-truth paradigm of science and has opened the door for inquiry into what may prove to be the future of human knowledge. Jujuborre says the purpose of his knowledge is healing, which should never be done for a fee. For anyone interested in DNA, shamanism and the origins of life and knowledge, this book is a must-read. Claude Levi-Strauss showed in his book, The Savage Mind, jdremy human beings have been carefully observing nature and endlessly testing hypotheses for at least 10, years.

The reflex reaction towards non-western thinking is pejorative, and the repeated testimonies of indigenous experts are scorned or disbelieved, even though they are, in effect, graduates of “indigenous universities” some 5, years old. Let’s start with what I liked. This is cowboy science and it is not as objective as it claims.

Proteins and enzymes derpent described as ‘miniature robots,’ ribosomes were ‘molecular computers,’ cells were ‘factories,’ DNA itself was a ‘text,’ a ‘program,’ a ‘language,’ or ‘data. How do we want to live?