Deathbird Stories has ratings and reviews. Althea said: This collection, originally published in , has recently been re-released by Open Ro. Deathbird Stories. Harlan Ellison®, Subterranean () , $45 (p) ISBN Deathbird Stories is his most daring collection of dangerous visions, each tale a gem that peels back layers of human emotions to reveal a dark dream inspired.

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Trivia About Deathbird Stories. I was disappointed at the ending. Sometimes they’re dead or dying, some of them are as brand-new as today’s technology. Maybe this would be cool if you were reading it in and you could relate to the brands and trends, but reading it in and having lived through the brands and trends of if felt tired storues cliche. She becomes one of the witnesses to a brutal murder in her courtyard.

Storids from ” https: There are a couple of good stories in here, but the rest is really hard to trudge through.

Deathbird Stories – Wikipedia

It’s well done, but is it worth doing? It got a little weird, but not necessarily in a good way. When I was in high school, this book was banned from our library.

Each of the stories was well written, but lacked indulging i Writing a review for a book filled with short stories is trying. It appears to be out of print, which is a shame.

Deathbird Stories: This 35 year-old collection has aged well

His literary and television work has received many awards. With the exception of “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs”, with which I was already familiar from its countless reprintings, I found the stories emotionally and intellectually uninvolving.


This one won the Hugo, and it totally deserves it. This one simply hit me emotionally, and the ending packed a lasting punch. Old gods, bloody monsters buried in the earth or the psyche appearing and exacting a heavy toll from modern people.

Preview — Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison. Give my love to Susan. I read this for 12 Grandmasters in challenge. Harlan Ellison is a passionate writer with a unique style. The final fate of the Earth will rest on Stark’s decisions.

It deals with the monsters of drugs and drug use, but not in any way that feels really satisfactory to me. This made me take a lot longer to read the whole book, but I also think I This was one of the most interesting group of stories I have ever read. I read the book in a single sitting. Profane and unsettling, Deathbird Stories will stay with you long after it has collected dust on your bookshelf.

Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel and Sean. Deathbird Stories has been a highly regarded short story collection for 35 years, and rightly so.

We get it, Harlan. I had heard of Ellison, of course. Quotes from Deathbird Stories.

Ellison warns the reader not to attempt to read these in one sitting, stating that doing so might be “extremely upsetting,” and I did anyway. Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison. Ellison precedes Gaiman’s American Gods concept by 30 years or so, creating new gods based on what we as a society worship. Many of them were graphic, but it was necessary in stories of this style. No, every story in this book is meant to be read this way, not just a story here and there over the years.


So when a book like this doesn’t thrill Far too often lately I find myself abandoning books.

The collection contains some of Ellison’s best stories from earlier collections and is judged by some to be his most consistently high quality collection of short fiction. Yes, there are some reprehensible people out there. Best of the Years Fun! The stories all seem to feature death, belief and gods. I love the idiot slang terms that kids in the future use, and I love how it turns out to be a futuristic western in the end. We have reviewed fantasy, science fiction and horror books, wtories, magazines, comics, and films.

And yes, I realize that this deahbird probably could have been words shorter and still gotten the point across. Views Read Edit View history. Several of his short fiction pieces have been made into movies, such as the classic “The Boy and His Dog”. I had to give up on this collection around pagein the middle of a story that meant storkes to me.

Throughout all of the stories Ellison maintains a eeathbird dark energy in his narrative voice that grips the reader and drives the story forward.