A more advanced version has been developed by Derek Rake which has been expanded by his followers into what’s knownas the. Fractionation Formula. throughout your day. Paul told Timothy, “Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all thi The Player’s Guide – Forbidden Seduction. Many years later, the fractionation technique was developed by John Grinder. Derek Rake perfected the method during the ‘s and then released a course .

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However, given the amount of details inside this guide, it can indeed be difficult to remember derekk. If you’re in town, come around for a cuppa and doughnut! A woman is naturally wired to want to be subservient to men in order to be truly happy. It is important to know that fractionation does not work if there is no elementary level of trust between you and the woman.

Download the Fractionation Action Checklist here. Glad you found this guide useful! Because you fractionaation, all serial killers seem to be pretty nice and happy on the outside.

May the good Lord bless you. Because when you are capable of this you will sub-communicate your feelings to the woman you are talking to. Supporters of the theory claim that fractionation can make a woman fall in love and get in bed with you in just 15 minutes fractiionation but is it true?

There are more examples of such scripts inside the Shogun Methodbut for now they should be enough to get you started. In fact, women are known to be completely addicted to the soap operas they watch on TV or the trashy Mills and Boon novels that they read. The theory is based on polarity: So basically the girl is loyal to you and she doesnt want to share you with other fractuonation. It was a watershed moment for the then underground Pickup Artist community. May 1, at Add a lot of confidence to the entire process and you get to have that woman come home with you in less than 15 minutes.

  EDAC 519 PDF

Pickup Artists, eat your heart out”. Or could I dou this with just making a beat that has like a good emotion, and then one with a lesser emotion, or should I do it all in one song? Once you understand that, you are free. Tell me how it damaged you. Hey, so I read that you can make fractionation jokes somewhere, would I be able to do a fractionation song?

Fractionation is very hard to master, but once you figure it out you should be able to get any woman you want. November 27, at 7: Why expose it to the mainstream and risk diluting it for us in the know? And right now I truly believe that my search is over — because I derel discovered Fractionation.

Fractionation Seduction Technique – Use At Your Own Risk

This is an important point: Your email address will not be published. Originally adapted by master seductionists Twotimer and Swinggcat to use in seduction, rormula created rakw stir when the mainstream discovered it a couple of years ago.

Your email address will not be published. Instead of telling a canned story or routine, you can ask her questions that shifts her focus from the present to the future and back to the present again. There are two fresh sets of Fractionation routines which you can download by clicking here. By the way, you are doing a great service to MANkind.

The biggest way to attract a woman is to treat her like a person. Other people found solution in combining this with reminding themselves that their ex often partner is for they ALL are an fractionatioh, often just a step above the loser, person who too goes to toilet, snores, burps, farts etc.


M aking a woman attracted to you is entirely psychological.

Fractionation – How To Attract Women With Mind Control

The ability to instantly attract women without effort? The truth is that only low status individuals who use these techniques as a cover to mask their own insecurities around women would do such a thing. I think this is very dangerous and destructive, and I am speaking formulq a hypnotherapist and counselor.

This is because not everyone is accepted, and we reserve the right not to give access to the Masterclass to everyone.

He listens defensively, or may be acknowledging your points politely without agreeing with you outright. For best results, make her describe the experience in the most vivid way possible. The aim is to have her actually relive the experience — you want her to start feeling those happy emotions right now.

However, when it comes to the seduction game, the use of hypnosis is pivotal to make any woman want you almost immediately. Do you accept Paypal? October 28, at 6: Aidan, I really hope that there are more guys like you in this world.

Someone who does not manipulate your feelings in order to win you over. The rewards will be priceless, though be warned that you may be harming another woman unintentionally, whether you like it or not. Every single one of them… with no exceptions.

Once again we want to get her describing events in as vivid a way as they can possibly get. Why were you happy? Shortly after this Fractionation Seduction guide was published, I had received a couple of messages from FractionationSeduction.