Gatha 3 – buddhaguna () · Gatha 4 – dhammaguna () · Gatha 5 – sanghaguna (sa^) · Gatha 6 – blessing. Dhammapada. Gatha, Sentence Translation, Sentence Structure. Vocabulary&Grammar, Commentary, Pronunciation. List of Abbreviations. yo ca pubbe pamajjitva paccha so. The Dhammapada verses are chanted on these tracks by Most Venerable Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Swaminwahanse and the Sinhala.

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The Buddha uttered this verse in admonition. The parents, hearing of their conversion, were at first displeased.

A courtesan tried to tempt a young monk who belonged to a wealthy family but failed. It presents one way of life to the members of the Holy Order and another to the laity. When the monks extolled His patience the Buddha uttered this verse. The mahout appeared as if ready for battle and battle drums were also beaten.

The book classified into 23 chapters is arranged to give the hdammapada the original Pali in Roman characters and the translation of each stanza at two levels. Pleasant is merit when life is at an end. The pleasure in Gatga excels all other pleasures.

Thereupon He advised the monks to destroy the thongs and straps in their own minds. Craving for personal sense-fields, such as gatah, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind, and for external sense-fields, such as form, sound, scent, taste, contact, and dhammas mental objectswhen viewed in the foregoing three aspects, divides itself into thirty-six varieties.

yo ca pubbe pamajjitvaa pacchaa so na+ppamajjati

The illusive nature of worldly happiness and the kind of life one should lead in such a deluded world are shown in these chapters. Later, the Arahant saw the Buddha and mentioned the whole incident. As the jasmine creeper sheds its withered flowers, even so, O bhikkhus, should you totally cast off lust and hatred. Discoursing on the evil of false accusation, the Buddha uttered this verse. The Buddha said that the devotee had used that form of address only out of respect and that they should try to become Arahants by cleaving the stream of craving.


gztha In reply to four questions raised by Sakka King of the gods, the Buddha uttered this verse. Chapter 1, Yamaka Vagga with Audio. Once he came to the Buddha and succeeded in divining the place and state of rebirth gahha several but failed in the case of an Arahant. Special care was taken not to deviate from the traditional commentarial interpretations.

A comprehensive commentary facilitates the understanding of the work in depth. The Buddha contrived a means to create in her disgust for external beauty. Pleasant is ministering to ascetics. The Buddha advised him not to do so and remarked that he dyammapada sees the Dhamma sees the Buddha. Woeful State Text and Translation by Ven. Consequently she realized the transitoriness of life. It is somewhat difficult to offer a graceful English equivalent according to its literal meaning.

Rebuking some monks who, for the sake of their stomach, attributed to one another higher spiritual Attainments without possessing them, the Buddha uttered this verse. Sakka wished dhammapada gatha sinhala know who she was. The latter did not get angry. There is no concentration in one who lacks wisdom, nor is there wisdom in him who lacks concentration. Commenting on the dhsmmapada acquired by those who give to the Pure, the Buddha uttered these verses.

Some monks who were spending their time in a frontier city led a life of discomfort as the people were busy fortifying their city to guard themselves from bandits. As he was chafing under the Holy Life he was taken to the Buddha. A monk, seated in a specially constructed pavilion was preaching dhammapada gatha sinhala Dhamma one night to his mother and many others.


The Buddha on one occasion lived alone in a forest. When the monk explained his object in doing what he did, the Buddha applauded him and uttered this verse. It has to be understood according to the context. Through craving for riches the ignorant man ruins himself as if he were ruining others.

He who has destroyed craving overcomes all sorrow. The Buddha replied that the bond of craving was a thousand times stronger. The high ethical standard the Buddha expects from his ideal followers are depicted in some verses. The pleasure in Truth excels all other pleasures. The book represents the quintessence of Buddhism, embodied in stanzas that dhamapada the words of the Buddha.

An evil dhammapada gatha sinhala is better not done: To sinhaa out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Buddha uttered this verse in reply. In the Dhammapada there are several instances to show that the Buddha preached not only to the intelligentsia but also to little children in their own language. Owing to overeating King Kosala had to experience much discomfort. The Buddha explained that Arahants do not steal anything from others.


The Buddha replied that He would teach him the charm if he would enter the Order. An old man was neglected by his children. Seeing Sakka, King of the gods, she turned back after saluting. This child mentioned the matter to the Buddha who advised him to bring all the children to the monastery. Two persons arguing about the comparative strength of their oxen tested them by loading their carts with sand and forcing dhammapada gatha sinhala oxen to draw them.