Esse interesse é usualmente apresentado como um novo desenvolvimento na teoria antropológica e os seus possíveis antecedentes, como o difusionismo e a . Afora o fato de vir a confirmar que os antropólogos preferem fazer prosa sem . e nas interconexões concretas, quase como uma retomada do difusionismo. Antropología Difusionista. Diego Cubillos; 3 videos; 43 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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The specific contexts in which these phenomena have been explored also share some similarities. But we have to recognize that they were not part of the agenda of acculturation theory, mainly focused on retention, acculturation, syncretism and counter-acculturation.

The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: While first generation diffusionists were mostly interested in contact between different Native-American cultures, acculturation theorists privileged the cultural consequences of Westernization among Native-American cultures and later among African cultures in the New World.

Malden, MA, and Oxford, Blackwell, We are more attentive — as I have previously emphasized — to issues of agency and power.


The approach I am advocating is similar. British Antropologla Anthropology, In this sense tourism rests on a powerful paradox: Anthropology in the Diasporas.

And we can define them both as new modes of cultural dynamics, in the sense that acculturation theorists gave to this expression, or, following Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, as new modes of cultural production under the current regime of globalization.

European Mythmaking in the Pacific. Among the Bush Negroes of Dutch Guiana. It is interesting to note that the novelty of this research tool is after all not as absolute as Marcus initially puts it. New York, Whittlesey House. Toronto, The University of Toronto Press.

Palavras-chave – difusionismo

Malden, MA-Oxford, Blackwell, Durham-London, Duke University Press. On the contrary, in some of his writings, power is an important part of the argument. IV — is also indicative of the importance that Bastide attributed to the political dimension of Afro-Brazilian Religions.

New York, Boni and Livreright. Lincoln, The University of Nebraska Press. Sem falar de outros temas, aparentemente menos nobres, mas extremamente reveladores em sua linguagem. In a certain sense — as I will argue abtropologia on — we can and must be more radical towards their limitations. The whole research history difueionismo Herskovits, who did fieldwork in Surinam, Trinidad, Haiti, Dahomey and Brazil, always looking at the same problems, can be seen as an example of an old and more demanding version of multi-sited fieldwork.


The Science of Cultural Anthropology.

Difusionisme (arqueologia)

Acculturation theorists were thus able to circumvent one of the chief accusations against classical diffusionism. Their view of diffusion was a processual one, more interested in history in the difusionsmo than in history as a narrative of things past. The first point being evident, he concentrated on the latter.

Amsterdam, Difusuonismo Spinhuis, The University of Chicago Press. The Social History of British Anthropology, The Social History of British Anthropology, The Place of Sugar in Modern History.

EmSahlins reagiu. Living in an Age of Uncertainty.