Several other Diphyllobothrium species have been reported to infect humans, but less frequently; they include D. pacificum, D. cordatum. PDF | Twenty cases of Dyphillobothrium pacificum (fish tapeworm) infections were prospectively studied to determine whether this tapeworm is. Abstract. Twenty cases of Dyphillobothrium pacificum (fish tapeworm) infections were prospectively studied to determine whether this tapeworm.

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Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense seems to be more sensitive to praziquantel diphyllobotrium D. Diagnosing ancient diphyllobothriasis from Chinchorro mummies. After a case report questionnaire that included demographic and epidemiologic information was completed, 5-mL blood samples were collected by venipuncture at baseline not more than 15 days after treatment or spontaneous parasite expulsion and 90 days later for determination of hematocrit and vitamin B12 levels.

Society for American Archaeology. Many samples are identified automatically as being D.

CDC – DPDx – Diphyllobothriasis

When molecular analysis PCR is made directly from fecal samples, a preliminary concentration of eggs formol-ether concentrationwithout the addition of formalin, is suggested to obtain sufficient amounts of DNA Springer, London, United Kingdom.

Difilobotriasis humana en la Patagonia, Argentina. The cestodes of pinnipeds in the Arctic and other regions. Morphological and biological differences between Diphyllobothrium sp. Fish and fisheries products hazards and controls guide.

Three diphyllobothriym were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction as D. Diphyllobothrium is a genus of tapeworms which can cause diphyllobothriasis in humans through consumption of raw or undercooked fish.


Epidemiological Monitoring The recent increase of human cases in some regions accentuates the necessity to carry out epidemiological surveys in order to provide reliable data on the actual distribution of diphyllobothriosis within the population.

Samples to be identified with molecular techniques eggs, larval stages, and adult parasites should be preserved in pure ethanol, whereas DNA extraction from native fecal samples should be performed immediately.

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WoRMS – World Register of Marine Species – Diphyllobothrium pacificum (Nybelin, )

Putative Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense acquired from a Pacific salmon Oncorhynchus keta eaten in France: Is the human-infecting Diphyllobothrium pacificum a valid species or just a South American population of the Holarctic fish broad tapeworm, D.

Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense Yamane et al. Pacific salmons such as cherry, pink, chum, and pacifidum salmon Onchorhychus masouO.

Single dose treatment with praziquantel Cesol R, Embay of human cestodiasis caused by Diphyllobothrium pacificum. The number of human cases in areas where the pacivicum of diphyllobothriosis was highest, such as Finland and Alaska, has decreased considerably during the last decades 39 This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


Diphyllobothriosis, a human disease caused by tapeworms of the genus Diphyllobothriumis the most important fish-borne zoonosis caused by a cestode parasite.

A case of Dihpyllobothrium nihonkaiense infection successfully treated by oral administration of gastrografin.

A Egg of D. Most cases occurred in the Great Lakes region, central Canada Manitobaand Alaska, although human infections elsewhere have been reported.

Professor der Medizin in Turku Sporadic human carriers may also cause a heavy infection load of plerocercoids in fish populations, even in lakes of considerable size Fish are fundamental reservoirs of Diphyllobothrium because plerocercoids may survive in their body from several months up to a few years 39 However, some studies revealed lower effectiveness of this medicament and a low proportion of tapeworms with a detached scolex The taxonomic composition of the genus has changed many times, as have opinions on the validities of individual species diphyllobothroum72 In addition, two other species of Diplogonoporusnamely, D.


This study was supported by the John C.

Characterization of the mitochondrial genome of Diphyllobothrium latum Cestoda: A higher demand for fish may dipuyllobothrium increase the risk of diphyllobothriosis by increasing the harvesting and the export of products from areas where this zoonotic disease is endemic.

There are very few reliable pacfiicum on the occurrence of plerocercoids of Diphyllobothrium in brackish-water and eiphyllobothrium fish 5 Limited availability; it may rarely trigger seizures in individuals with silent cerebral cysticercosis. The most viable interventions include: In this country, as many as 11 species of human diphyllobothriid cestodes, including Diplogonoporus grandishave been reported 394072 However, molecular techniques have been extensively used to differentiate Diphyllobothrium spp.

As an alternative mechanism, competition for available vitamin B12 and intrinsic factor cleavage may occur in the blind loop syndrome in which bacterial overgrowth consumes existing vitamin B12 or during tapeworm infestations, particularly diphyllobothriasis.